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Social Network Marketing Examined [VIDEO]

As part of the #SMTPowerTalk series of monthly HOAs I host for Social Media Today, our fifth featured Laurent Francois, one of the founders of Re Up Agency, and Sergey Andrianov, founder of Smart Solutions Inc., both veteran marketers in the social media scene.

Hot on the heels of “Google+ is Dead” and “Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work” articles, this was a much-needed Hangout On Air that touched upon some of the practical issues faced by internet marketers today.

Within forty-five minutes Sergey and Laurent covered questions such as:

1. What’s the best social media network to market in?
2. What should you focus on as a marketer?
3. Does Facebook marketing still work?
4. Did Eat24 get its Facebook breakup wrong?
5. Are there still marketing ‘secrets’ to social media network marketing?

What was amazing to see is that despite the fact that each marketer approached his craft (and answers) from different perspectives, they ended up overlapping in many areas, evidence that they are working in a very similar area and facing similar pressures.

Social media network marketing is definitely maturing, and Social Media Today is now leading the charge at providing insights direct from those who work in the industry.

Watch the video below for the full flavour of the #SMTPowerTalk Hangout On Air. 

We have two fantastic guests lined up for next month: marketing insiders who are at the cutting edge of analytics (no spoilers, sorry). Their insights on how to measure success in social media network marketing are critical to the amm-important (and sometimes all-consuming) ROI question. 

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  • David Amerland's picture
    May 20 Posted 3 years ago David Amerland

    Laurent you are more than welcome. I was really impressed by the quality of your responses and those of Sergey. And yeah, I look forward to meeting you in the flesh. 

  • LaurentFrancois's picture
    May 20 Posted 3 years ago LaurentFrancois

    thanks so much David, it was a very inspiring talk with the community. Can't wait to meet you all in Atlanta!



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