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SoLoMo Case Studies

2013 Social Local Mobile Marketing – The new frontier

I write and talk about SoLoMo a lot. Why? Because I think it’s a game changer, especially for small businesses. First the penetration of smart devices and the proliferation of social media platforms is fundamentally changing and challenging many current business models.

In my Small Business Social Media Marketing Basics post, I offer a more detailed explanation.

SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) Case Studies tell the story

Samsung Smart TV & Angry Birds partnership image.I would like to offer a few case studies to illustrate SoLoMo – sometimes also referred to as  SoMoLo – strategies at work in small and large companies in different vertical markets.

Samsung goes SoLoMo for Smart TV Product Launch (source: emarketer)

The Challenge

In the fall of 2012, Samsung launched their new smart TV. With features like motion and voice control features, Samsung was creating a new product category. The challenge was creating consumer demand; the key to success was getting consumers to stores to experience the product in person.

Research indicated 86% of consumers who purchased the TV had first experienced it in a retail location.

The SoLoMo Elements

Samsung partnered with Angry Birds in an effort to maximize the capabilities of the TV experience in the stores. The goal was to get consumers to the store to play the game on the new TV.

JiWire was the mobile technology platform chosen to deliver location-specific ads to consumers near certain retail stores. Ads contained important information like the name and address of the retail store.

The ad included a share button to make it easier for consumers to share their experience with their network. Samsung used a sweepstakes offer to win a new TV to encourage the check-in behavior.

The Results

The program outperformed expectations. The engagement rate was almost double the industry average. Social engagement measures included Facebook check-ins, social sharing, sweepstakes entries, and in-store surveys.

Samsung & Angry Birds success metrics notated.

Other SoLoMo Case Studies

If you are interested in more SoLoMo Case studies, you can download two more examples without having to give any information.

Coffee Klatch – A small business example featuring a savvy integrated multichannel approach.

Walgreens – A large brand leveraging multiple products featuring a variety of well coordinated marketing assets.

Both examples illustrate the power of focusing on the consumer in order to provide a compelling, relevant experience that engages and encourages them to share their experience with their social network. In our work with a large variety of small and mid-size businesses, we have found that there needs to be unique creative marketing strategies. However, there is often much insight to gain from viewing the initiatives of much larger organizations. We are experts in adopting appropriate marketing strategy that has success, and incorporate it into our clients marketing plan of action no matter what size entity you are. Let us know about your own business, and we can offer advice and direction often reserved for just the major brands.

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