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StumbleUpon Primer for Bloggers

1. Let thyself be known

(We’ll likely follow you and accept your shares, like your stuff too)

Complete your profile, include links, see mine for an example.  Click the blue “more” under my profile picture, upper left side of Note that you can include html code and include links to your blog and network profiles where you would like people to connect with you.  Check that now and then, and see that there are no dead links or profiles on networks where your activity has tapered off greatly.  As an example, there was once a wonderful profile and content aggregator called “Retagrr” that was light years beyond Xeeme for ease-of-use, connectability (with those who visited), and visual image.  Retagrr went the way of the dodo, alas.  I have been scrambling to remove the link to my Retaggr from SU and other sites.  You don’t want to be sending people to dead links.

Set your Topics so that when you Stumble, relevant stuff comes your way.  Hint: make the topics as specific as SU will allow, though you are constrained to existing word strings.

StumbleUpon topics that could serve my needs:

Bad: “Japanese woman” (far too vague; where I live, in their natural habitat, its as if they’re breeding them over here)

Better: “bored horny married Osaka woman” (but this might be too specific, and actually, “bored” is not a must.  Also, moving to a topic I should probably be focusing on more, even “community manager sakai city” is not available from the explore box)

Yet Better: “community manager seeking”

StumbleUpon "Explore" search

StumbleUpon "Explore" search: to Stumble from and for SU-reviews and SU-comments (for tags)

Best: “seeking online community manager japan” (but this winds up being too specific and leads me to “online community manager,” so perhaps StumbleUpon is not a great place to look for job leads.  Or eager women leads.  Live and learn…? “Online community manager” is the closest StumbleUpon topic I could find).  I’ll Stumble that.  And I might use Online community manager as a tag in StumbleUpon reviews; we need to use StumbleUpon topics, rather than self-determined terminology for SU Reviews and Comments – since they connect with what Stumblers have set as their followed interests.

2. Power-follow, and unfollow, too

StumbleUpon allows you to only follow 500 Stumblers (people).  Make them count, and refine who you follow from time to time.  Follow people you know, to start, but understand that it will take some time to understand how they are going to use StumbleUpon.  I get better and better at looking at a Stumbler’s number of likes, the recency of likes and what they like – and decide if the Stumbler is going to appreciate what I share to them, perhaps “SU-like” on occasion, and maybe not share tons of odd stuff to me.  From Profile > Connections > Followers (or Following or Visitors, from the pull-down menu) > click on someone.  When I see that someone’s latest likes and shares are very different from the topics I blog about and take guest posts for, I tend to unfollow them or do not follow back, though I see they are following me.

Example below: I can’t guess why this person followed me, but can pretty much be assured that they wont like my blog being shared to them and I don’t need their stuff either (and thus, I’ll unfollow someone who SU-likes/shares nothing but stuff that’s all off-brand for me):

This Stumbler's recent "Likes": Arts, Video Games, Bizarre/Oddities, Heavy Metal (not so great for me)

Follow those who generally support you, say, in LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and then send them a message through StumbleUpon to let them know you followed them, welcome their shares, and appreciate their reviews, likes, and shares of your content – especially of your blog articles.

3. Can you hear me knockin’?

Don’t let your “visitors” get away without a look-see. You have visitors!  Don’t let them escape without at least a look-see.

Every couple days, from Profile > Connections > Visitors, from the pull-down menu, see who you don’t already know (they could be people you are already connected to who simply looked at your likes most recently), and see what their stats tell you.  What do they like? How often, and when was the last time they shared content?  If they shared content similar to what you blog on, there’s a high liklihood that they will like and/or share your stuff, and appreciate what you might – on occassion only – share with them.

I look at these factors before following them.  If I do so, I typically send them a message; this let’s them know that I probably actually use StumbleUpon.  You’ll find, in time, that people jump on and sometimes fall off the SU frequent-user train.

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  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    As well you should.  In fact, I had friends tell me, "Saul, do you realize that we cannot SU-review or SU-like your article in SMToday?"

  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    I try :-)  What does your Google Analytics tell you, Keri, from Referral pageviews?  For me, roughly 18 times what I get from Triberr, I get from StumbleUpon.  THIS is what makes me sit up and give them attention, care and feeding.  EVeryone is all over Pinterest now, but, unless your images/videos are drawing people to click on posts, what'll it get you...?

  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    Thanks, Dr. Buford.  What efforts?  Do you blog?  See my part 2 of this series (2/2), for how to submit a review with smart tags (the Explore box), and other great things to do.


    No-nos?  Okay, don't submit only your own stuff.  Use a blog circle or, etc., so you are liking only 1/20 or 1/50 of your own stuff.  Then, you won't be dinged as "self-promotional."  Explained in pt. 2 of this series.

  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    I wouldl suggest sending to all contacts - but doing so just once per week.  I found that I fell off a few people's social media Christmas card lists, so to speak, from overdoing it.  Oh!  And in part two of this 2-part thing I did on SU, I go deeper on that.

  • Feb 13 Posted 5 years ago vikramadhiman

    Stumble Upon is something we are thinking about using on our platform. We are reviewing the guide sent by Hubspot today. How I wish there was an online course I could take :)

  • HotBlogTips's picture
    Feb 7 Posted 5 years ago HotBlogTips

    Hi Saul, I'm still learning how to get the most from StumbleUpon and it already runs in the top five referral sites to my blog. Not only is StumbleUpon a great source of site traffic, it's quality traffic with low bounce rates.

    I avoided StumbleUpon for a very long time because it seems old and outdated at first glance. They could do a lot to improve to site, such as program the toolbar to call up more recent posts while stumbling, but that doesn't stop us from networking with some great bloggers there.

    I have about five or six people that I send posts to, out of about 325 connections. Would you recommend I send to all connections, all of the time? Right now I just send to those I receive pages from.

  • gabmd's picture
    Feb 6 Posted 5 years ago gabmd


    Thanks for the information.  I am new to SU and am looking to see how this can help expand my social media efforts in addition to traditional resources such as Facebook and Twitter. 

    Any big no no's that you can steer my away from since I am a newbie?


    Thanks in advance!


    Gregory A. Buford, MD FACS



  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 6 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    And thank YOU, Jaydean, for your support, always. Will be looking for you in Empire Avenue ;-)

  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 5 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    Yes, I've been working to share with bloggers what I've figured out. You and I, Keri, etc., using Triberr, we have a huge advantage: without bearing with the s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s of the SU site, we can simply SU-like from Tribal Stream in Triberr - our connected peoples' posts.  I never miss a chance to do that for one and all!  (Unless they have not done the SU-review first, since then, I would be setting their SU SEO; bad for them.)

  • Feb 5 Posted 5 years ago Jaydean Krupski

    Congrats Saul!! You are my favorite person to follow in SU - you always stumble so many interesting topics! Best Wishes for much more success in SU and everything else you are involved in!!

    Jaydean Krupski / @starlingpoet

  • janetcallaway's picture
    Feb 3 Posted 5 years ago janetcallaway

    Saul, aloha. You have been doing such a terrific job educating people on the value of SU, Saul, that it's great to see you spreading that message to an even wider audience. Also, this post is something for peopel to print and to keep for easy reference. 


    Thanks so much for taking the time to compile it. Best wishes for a terrific weekend.  Aloha. Janet

  • OsakaSaul's picture
    Feb 3 Posted 5 years ago OsakaSaul

    Thanks, Keri. First time on SMToday. Let's hope people find value in what I shared - and we'll see if SMToday takes the part 2 - next week.

  • ideagirlmedia's picture
    Feb 2 Posted 5 years ago ideagirlmedia


    You are a strong champion for StumbleUpon, and always have great insight there.

    Congratulations on your post here! :)


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