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Successful Social & Mobile App Launch

Successful Social & Mobile App LaunchIt takes a lot of work to get a successful app release. As Facebook app developers ourselves, we can tell you that building an app from the scratch is not an easy process. The whole process of design and development takes a lot of effort (for starters, even getting the right people on the right place is quite a huge task in itself).

We all know the importance of marketing. Every business in the world requires marketing for getting the required attention for its product. For application marketers, it is getting harder to achieve the successful app launch they dream about. It is because that, everyday there are some new applications available in the market. Applications nowadays are like stars in the sky, just look up and you can see so many of them. Some of them shining because of the successful launch and some of them are so dimly shined that one would hardly notice it (perfect example of poor marketing).

No matter how much effort you have put in the designing, development, and the user experience of the application, it all ends up on the marketing techniques you use to grab the attention of the user. Being app developers ourselves, we have compiled a list of which would help you for a successful app launch.


Social Standing


  1. Use a Story: Using a story line is a very nice idea for your app. It is a fact that human emotions can change the preference of a person’s purchasing decisions. 
  2. Media Partner: Finding a media partner is a very effective way for getting your app a successful launch. A person who can narrate the story of your app. This person could be anyone i.e. actor, model, professional player, musician etc.
  3. Newsworthy: Many developers think that their app is so intimidating that it would catch the attention of the reporters or bloggers. While the truth is reporters and bloggers focus on the interests of their audience and to connect these interests with the recent events. The launch time of the application needs to be perfect, reporters and bloggers would do the rest.
  4. Hands on Experience: A promo video showing exactly how the application works is also a great idea to get the attention your application requires. Letting the users know how they should use the app and how the other technical function works is a good deed.
  5. Use a Cause: Sharing the wealth with others is a good cause. Donate and let the users know how they can help a needy organization with a simple action.
  6. Focus on the Users: To achieve a successful app launch you need to focus on the users you are targeting. Show your targeted audience how much fun they can have using your application.
  7. Perfect Your Pitch: It is necessary to stay focused and go straight to the point i.e. let the users know what the application is all about and what features your application provides. Users do not like bragging

Remember, there is nothing more important than your passion about your created application. Be excited for the launch and convey the right message to the users in a right way, you may have a winner. 

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