Thoughts on The Millward Brown / Dynamic Logic Digital Predictions For 2012

Posted on December 16th 2011

This week Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic (Disclosure: Both agencies are part of WPP, as is my employer, Y&R) released a report called, 12 for 2012: Top 12 Digital Predictions for 2012. Usually I find these sorts of predictions reports fairly weak, but this one struck me as being pretty spot on. In some cases they provided new insight into ideas I was already familiar with, in other they presented ideas that were new to me. Either way, it’s worth your time to check out. Between now and Christmas I’ll give my thoughts on each of the Predictions presented in the report, starting right here with #1: Gamification Unlocked: Big Brands become even more playful.

Readers of my blog know that I’ve been on Gamification this year, writing a number of posts on the subject. Next year will be an interesting year for this idea and the industry it has spawned. You’re going to see smart, compelling offerings from companies like Badgeville and Scvngr and brands are going to be moving from mere badging or awarding points to more integrated, social programs with real business driving elements. Gamification will no longer be a cute add-on for brands, but rather an integral part of their marketing, and in some cases internal communications, efforts.

The Millward Brown – Dynamic Logic report talks smartly about brands needing to figure out how to make game mechanics more integrated not just with brands, but also with a consumer’s life. It’s critical that brands view game mechanics through that lens. If the incentives and rewards don’t answer the needs and desires of the consumer, but instead only work to benefit the brand, then the initiatives will fail.

Here’s a TED talk from Seth Priebatsch on game mechanics that’s well worth watching:

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I was fortunate to meet with Seth yesterday as he gave me a peek into what he’s building at the above mentioned Scvngr. Expect to hear a lot more from Seth, Jesse Schell and Gabe Zichermann in 2012.

For additional thoughts on this subject, check out PSFK’s The Future of Gaming report.

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