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Top 10 Online Tools That Every Content Writer Must Know

Here is a list of ten fantastic tools, and just to be nice, they have been arranged in order of greatness. The first ones are the best ever the bottom ones are still top jaw droopingly great, but are just not as fantastic as the ones listed above. The tools are all handy for writers, and each tool comes with a description and a reason why it is so great for writers.
They say that to copy one person is plagiarism, but to copy many people is research. If you think you may have been “researching” a little too hard, then you can use Copyscape to check your work and see if more than 5% is copied verbatim. If more than 5% is copied verbatim then you need to do a little rewriting. It is a handy tool and they only charge a small amount per search, and the searches are more thorough than the ones you get for free on the Internet. 
This is the highly rated essay writing service that has the world’s most fake video testimonial ever. The kid (in his 30s) even has his cap on backwards. Still, once you are finished laughing at this guy’s attempt to look, act and talk young, you can use the service. This tool comes at the top of the list because it is a get-out-of-jail free card. If you are in trouble with a deadline, or have a piece of writing that you cannot do, you just send it to them and they do it for you. Sure, they are going to charge you for it, but they are hardly going to do your work for free. It is the ultimate way of getting out of trouble with your writing projects, especially since they even have a service that can get your work to you within less than 24 hours. 
Despite its name, it is not a word counter in the strictest sense--it is a word frequency counter. It allows you to count how many times you use certain words. As a writer it is handy if you are looking for keywords or tag words for your piece, as you can see how many times you have used certain words of a search engine friendly value. It also allows you to ignore conjunction and transition words so that you are only looking at relevant and good words. It is also good for allowing you to see if you are being repetitive--which is the mark of poor writing it is.
4.  Random
This is a website based around being random and is called, which is frankly not very creative. Almost all of the website is based on making things random, and it is the lists section that is handy for writers. If you are adding a list of your own into your work then you do not want it to match the order of the list you are working from, or even stealing from, so you use this tool to mix it up. If you are planning points for your work and need to write several versions of that same work then this tool can mix up the points in your plan so that every article has the same points but made in a different order so they do not appear as similar. 
Quite often, you have to copy and paste text from websites to your written work, and many times they are either capitalized fully or have the first letter of each word capitalized. This then means you have to go through each word and change it to lower case, but not any more thanks to convert case, which will convert the text you paste into it in to any case you like. It will even randomize the capital letters for you if you wish. 
6.  Spinbot
This is the tool for the writer that isn’t perfect. Let’s say you are sick of writing or you need to rewrite something and you cannot think of a way to put it in your own words. If this is the case, then you can spin the text using this tool and you can do it for free. All you have to do is paste your text into the tool and it replaces a number of your words with their synonyms. Your sentences are different but mean the same thing (hopefully).
This is a tool that counts your words, and your characters. It also breaks down your text into how many paragraphs there are, how many sentences, etc. It shows you the average number of words per sentence and average number of characters. It is especially helpful if you are writing Meta data for websites and you have been instructed not to go over a certain number of characters. It is also handy for measuring how many words you have written per paragraph, as your word processor is unlikely to have that function. 
This is a fantastic tool that checks your spelling and grammar. It is not perfect and it will miss a lot of things but it seems to be programmed very differently from the spelling and grammar checker that is on your word processor, which means you can check your work on your word processor and then paste the work onto Spellchecker plus and fix a few other mistakes. It doesn’t beat having a good head for written English, but it is not as if you are Charles Dickens, so give yourself a break. 
This is a highly customizable tool that allows you to check your work for errors. This is a specific tool that has you enter many details into the tool beforehand so that it can fix your work as desired. It is a lot of fuss and fiddling and may not be suitable for people that want it now, now, now, but is still a decent tool for checking your work for errors. 
This is a tool you use for fiddling with your text. There is nothing wrong with it, but it comes at the bottom of the list because it is a tool you will not use as often as most of the others. This tool allows you to change your text around in a wide variety of ways. If you do have to severely edit your work, then this will take a lot of manual labor out of twisting your content. It has a list of all the text manipulation tools on the website, and it offers some very sophisticated functions, it is just a shame that you will not use it that often. 

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