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Top 10 People To Add To Your Google+ Circles

The Internet is an ongoing conservation full of ideas, news and tools. The conversations is always happening and now Google+ is a way to participate in the dialogue of exchanging ideas.

Top 10 People To Add To Your Google+ Circles

For social media marketers, it’s important to tune into the leaders in your field.

Below is our list of the top 10 “influencers” on Goole+ in SEO and social media.

1. Matt Cutts - 166,544 have Matt in circles: Head of the webspam team at Google. "If you type your name into Google and get porn back, it's his fault."

2. Rand Fishkin - 33,701 have Rand in circles: CEO and founder of SEOmoz. He tweets primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups and entrepreneurship.

3. Danny Sullivan - 626,948 have Danny in circles: Editor of SearchEngineLand.com. He covers Google, SEO, PPC and all aspects of search engines and search marketing.

4. Lee Odden - 11,365 have Lee in circles: CEO of @TopRank Online Marketing. He focuses on search, social media and content marketing.

5. Mari Smith - 55,503 have Mari in circles: Passionate social media leader, Facebook marketing and relationship marketing speaker and author.

6. Michael Q Todd - 7,001 have Michael Q. in circles: CEO of NPO Index on Empire Ave. He is a Twitter strategist and author.

7. Stefan Keuchel - 19,566 have Stefan in circles: PR Manager Google Germany. He is a Twitter and online strategist.

8. David Jacobs - 4,377 have David in circles: Software Engineer. He is a programmer and social network specialist.

9. Jaana Nyström - 29,487 have Jaana in circles: Content curator, social media writer, consultant.

10. Natalie Villalobos - 125,562 have Natalie in circles: Community Manager for Google+. She started +Handmade, a community for makers, crafters, tinkerers, and foodies.

We hope you embrace this list and participate in online conversations with Google+. Let us know what other heavyweights we have left out of the social media influencer list!

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  • Christina Trapolino's picture
    Apr 17 Posted 5 years ago Christina Trapolino

    Fantastic list!  Especially digging the fact that not everyone in the Top 10 is on the Suggested Users List.  Rock on, y'all.

  • MetaThis's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 5 years ago MetaThis

    I'm the little guy in a list of that caliber, but thank you for including me. It's an honor!

    My G+ focuses heavily on tech and futurism, especially Augmented Reality and the horizon business opportunities.

    Here's a recent reflection:

    When I talk about this in real life, many think I'm crazy and/or speaking of some distant future. It's easy to forget about the non-linear acceleration of technology and the dramatic impact it quickly has on our lives. Consider the internet compared to 10-15 years ago.

    Blue Ocean Strategy

    This will be a larger change to the industry landscape than "mobile". An order of magnitude larger. There will be myriad doors left wide open for disruption of the established players in social, gaming, business/collaboration software, life management, and wearable hardware. Entire industries will be redefined. New empires will emerge in the blue ocean.

    Imagination > Knowledge

    The most successful companies of the present will be at the largest risk. They'll ride on their present successes until it is too late. Market research and industry pundits won't unveil the trends until it is too late. This new game belongs to the innovators. The new market leaders will be the visionaries; the Steve Jobs types with the imagination to think new thoughts, and the courage to boldly pursue them.


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