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Top 3 Tips for Social Media Success in 2014

Social media success means different things to different people, but one of the unifying elements for successful social media marketing for us all is usually – is it delivering a financial ROI? Is social media engagement providing cash in the bank for your business?

This question is the acid test for many. There are many businesses out there who will struggle to answer it satisfactorily.








So, here’s my top three tips for social media success in 2014:

* Test, measure, then repeat

One of the great things about social media marketing is the ability to cost-effectively test and measure different campaigns, to see what works and what’s missing the mark. Using social media marketing to measure the successful elements of your social media engagement can make the difference between failure and success. If it works, repeat it. Read this for hints and tips.

* Review it with reality

It’s critical to keep reviewing social media marketing, to ensure that the time, energy and effort being invested is delivering a number of consistent returns. Not sure how do conduct an effective social media marketing review? Check out this blog post to get basic insights into how to review (with reality) your social media marketing efforts to ensure more successful engagement.

* Stick with the Winners

Look at the winners on social media and see how they’re doing it. Successful social media marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take effort, expertise and enthusiasm. Read this blog post to see six examples of successful social media marketing. And by ‘successful’, I mean cash in the bank from social media engagement. Is your social media marketing delivering this?

There are no guarantees, but…

I guarantee if you utilise the three tips above, your social media marketing will be more successful – more enjoyable, more insightful and more profitable.

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  • chrisstreet's picture
    Jan 10 Posted 3 years ago chrisstreet

    Hi Bari

    For me, paid-for advertisements have their place - as part of the overall social media marketing mix - but I personally prefer the power of well-written, SEO-enhanced, useful, unique, inspiring and interesting content to pull in interest and generate traffic to my website and blog. Each to their own, of course!

    Best wishes,


  • Jan 6 Posted 3 years ago genius9972

    Hi Chris, 

    How about the paid advertisements on media like face book? are they helpful? If yes then to what extent 




  • chrisstreet's picture
    Jan 6 Posted 3 years ago chrisstreet

    Hi Sofie

    Many thanks - I'm pleased that you found the article useful.

    My favourite social media marketing tools are discussed in greater detail here:

    Best wishes,


  • Sofie De Beule's picture
    Jan 6 Posted 3 years ago Sofie De Beule

    H Chris, great read!

    I'm curious what social media marketing tool you'd recommend and why?



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