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Top Free Tools for SEO Provided by Google

  1. Google Analytics:

The SEO tool provided by Google that tops the list is Google Analytics. As the name suggests, this free SEO tool keeps tabs on the users that visit your website and their activity on your site. It gives you a detailed explanation as to how the visitors got access to your website along with important sales and conversion values.

Google Analytics gives you in-depth information about the parts of your website that are loved and visited often by the visitors. Besides, it also enables you to know exactly the type of content that received maximum response so that you can use that as a yardstick to design content for the rest of the pages.

Besides, this free SEO tool also tells you how you are doing on your social media platforms. It gives you detailed information about the visitors that share your content on social media.

  1. Google Webmaster:

A company for SEO strongly recommends using Google Webmaster tools. It gives you a comprehensive report on its activity of crawling and indexing a particular website. Besides, if there is an issue that the website is facing, Webmaster tools will make sure that the owner of the website is aware of any problems that are being faced by the URL.  It also gives a detailed list of search terms and queries that visitors enter in the search box to get access to your website. It also gives information on the links that drive traffic to your website.

  1. Google AdWords Keyword tool:

As the name suggests, this free SEO tool provided by Google helps you search for the apt keywords for your business and its corresponding website. it gives you a comprehensive list of the possible keywords that you could use in your content. These keywords are also the ones that are constantly looked up by visitors and Internet users. Alongside the keywords, the Google AdWords tool also gives a detailed statistics of the monthly hits on the particular keyword that you may want to use. Based on the keywords and their corresponding traffic, you can select the apt keyword that will give you a fair idea of the number of visitors that you can expect to view your website. When used in combination with Google AdSense, you can also earn a decent income for yourself.

  1. Google Page Speed:

Sometimes, you may notice that your website has slowed down and this can cost you traffic and valuable visitors. Often, you are left wondering as to why your website has suddenly slowed down. However, with the help of Google Page Speed, you can get complete information on the speed and performance of your website. therefore, if you do face speed issues with your website, you can understand the reason behind it and take corrective measures to speed up your website.

Using the Google Page Speed tool is extremely easy and convenient. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website on its homepage and click on the Analyze button. Google Page Speed tool will take some time to analyse the URL that has been entered. One of the best things is that it performs analysis that measures your website’s performance on mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

Once the analysis is complete, Google Page Speed tool will provide you with a comprehensive result that explains your website’s performance. There will be content that will be marked in red, green and yellow, where red indicates that you would have to fix the problem to notice a drastic difference in the page’s performance. Yellow indicates issues that can be fixed by you despite not having too much knowledge about it and green essentially indicates that your content is doing well. If at any point you feel unsure as to what corrective steps must be taken, you can always consult with a company for SEO. As a rule of thumb, your score on both the mobile and desktop device should be over 85 out of total points of 100.

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  • Sep 12 Posted 2 years ago jenny2014

     There are some free tools, which falls within the SEO friendly service and can work in your favor, for increasing the value of your site.

    The leading web design nyc companies are going to take help of only those tools, which are offered by none other than Goggle. Name of some of the best tools are Analytics, webmaster, AdWords Keyword tool, page speed and also similar other options, are there on the cards. It can help in preventing the lowering down the traffic rate of the visitors along with the similar other options.

    These are very convenient and at the same time, quite easy for you to get hold of.


  • thomassujain's picture
    Sep 10 Posted 2 years ago thomassujain

    Thank you for such an informative article on Tools for SEO provided by Google. I wanted to know many things about SEO and here is what I want. It helped me a lot while learning about SEO. As we know that SEO is very important in Web Design, so we must use all the tools and take all the important measures to create a attractive and successful website.

    Web Design nyc follows all the rules of Google and uses the tools for better SEO rank. All the features and uses of each tool are mentioned and which is very helpful.

  • Sep 1 Posted 2 years ago lakrajesh1981


    I am new to social media and as i work as a Business Analyst in my reputed company. Could guide me where to start my learning?


    L. Rajesh

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