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Top Online Resources for Content Writers

content writing

Are you a writer who’s struggling to reach your full potential? Nearly every content writer would like to become more productive than they already are. The clients keep adding pressure with deadlines, while loyal readers are eager to read more of their work.

If you started exploring all online resources aimed at making the process of writing more effective, you would be overwhelmed with the great number of choices out there. The last thing you want is to waste valuable time, so we’ve decided to give the best tools to you on a plate.

1. Scribophile
This is one of the most prestigious online communities of writers. If you are passionate about learning from authors who are already proven as brilliant at what they do, then you should definitely become a Scribophile member. You can give good critiques to the work of others and get points that will allow you to get your own work critiqued by the writers.

2. WordCounter by NinjaEssays
The coolest feature of the NinjaEssays's WordCount tool is that it enables you to see how many times you have used a certain word in a text. All writers have favorite words that keep appearing in the sentences no matter how much they want to avoid them. With the help of this word counting tool, you can see how many times you have used a particular word. If the number is higher than usual, you can infuse some versatility into the content by replacing your favorite words with synonyms or different phrases.

3. MacJournal
Although MacJournal is meant for blogging rather than writing, it is extremely useful for creative writers who decide to try it out. It has great features that are easy to use, and you will love the inspiring interface that won’t let you get distracted.

4. DEVONthink
This tool will help you create a database of your research. In addition, it also provides simple text-editing features that are more than enough for the creation of your work.

5. Essay Eagles
Every writer has to realize that there isn’t a tool that can replace a human editor. The good news is that you no longer need to spend a fortune on editing, since you can hire a professional editor at Essay Eagles for a really affordable price.

6. CopyWrite
If the need to see your work properly formatted gets you inspired to write more, then you’ll love CopyWrite. In addition to making your text look clean, this concept adds to the creative process by hiding all features you don’t need, but keeping the necessary information front-and-center.

7. Mariner Write
This word processing software has all features you need in order to create your next great piece. The documents turn out looking clean and organized, so the usage of this tool will save you from a lot of editing later on.

8. Celtx
This is a free scriptwriting program for the Mac, which is just as effective as the paid ones. It enables you to create not only scripts, but also schedules, scene breakdowns, and storyboards as well. The best thing is that you can share the documents with selected users and get inspired by their comments.

9. SmartEdit
This is great writing software for Windows that enables you to focus on the final phase of editing. If you are used to proofreading and editing your own works, then you will surely appreciate SmartEdit.

10. StoryMill
This effective software will help you manage your writings in the simplest way possible. StoryMill will help you design the novel that has been cooking in your mind for a long time. The tool includes all elements you need in order to organize your new piece and bring the story to life.

11. SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America)
At this site, you can get access to great forums where writers comment on each other’s work and collaborate in order to make themselves better. Although the members of the forum can get a bit harsh, you can benefit a lot from their constructive analysis of your work.

Start expanding your horizons with the right writing tools
With all those options available at your reach, it would be a shame not to benefit from the features offered by modern technology. With the use of the right tools for your writing style, you will become a better, faster, and more effective writer.

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  • Chad Egeland's picture
    Jun 14 Posted 2 years ago Chad Egeland

    Great list of tools! The WordCounter tool from Ninja Essays sounds very useful for me as I do find I am fond of repeating words when I write. SmartEdit is relatively inexpensive for what it does and another tool I think I will make great use of.

    Thanks for compiling this great list.

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