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Top Twitter Cities of the World

According to the popular Twitter tool, twitter.grader.com, London is now the #1 City based on number of Twitter users:

In the top-10 cities with most twitter users, London is followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Sydney. Good for those folks in England, Canada, and Australia to have three cities in the top ten.

We are wondering: Because "twitter grader" really mostly measures active users, is it also safe to say that London has the most active users among all the cities of the world?

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  • GWSMedia's picture
    Apr 26 Posted 7 years ago GWSMedia When was this done? Because most of those people are probably journalists, protesters and politicians tweeting incessantly about the UK elections....


    Cordelia@GWS Media, Bristol, UK

  • Neil Ferree's picture
    Apr 23 Posted 7 years ago NeilFerree Los Angeles is #2 on the list which seems a little surprising. I thought New York would definitely have more Twitter people than LA. Now us LA guys have to get our dotMobi Websites working on all fronts to keep our #2 ranking - eh?
  • Apr 23 Posted 7 years ago ChristopherLower

    Well, except for the fact that many Twitter users never accurately list their locations correctly. For instance people list things such as the UT information, misspell or forget to space between city and state, fail to list any location or enter facetious information as a location such as "outer space".

    So for all it's worth the list of top locations has to be qualified as "based on areas where Twitter grader could determine a location".  I wouldn't hang my hat, or my client's initiatives on any of that data.

  • Apr 22 Posted 7 years ago JohnNunez Interesting information. Thank you for sharing. It will also be extremely useful to know other demographic info like ages per citi, etc. I believe that can be more accurate than the 2010 Census and less costly.
  • Delfin Vassallo's picture
    Apr 22 Posted 7 years ago DelfinVassallo Was here on SMT that I read more than 50% of Twitter users were from outside US? It'd be nice to have the whole list of cities to segment by economic areas or by countries.

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