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Trending Tweens: How Kids Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kids are picking up computers and tablets faster than ever. Just two decades ago adults were trying to find their bearings on the World Wide Web, but these days children are learning their ABCs on a tablet and playing Angry Birds on smartphones. And no demographic of Internet users is growing faster than that of the pre-teen girl. These girls that thrive on social interaction, sharing thoughts and ideas with friends now have an ideal platform with which to express themselves.

Of teenage girls aged twelve to seventeen, 95% of them use the Internet, and 81% of them use social media. Facebook has become a preteen paradise; it's the perfect platform to promote peer interaction and 5th grade drama. Kids are getting cell phones at an earlier age than ever, and of the 48% of tween girls, more than half of them are using smartphones.

There has been a lot of concern when it comes to kids using social media too much, especially in the form of narcissism, cyberbullying, and safety. What parents can do to ensure that their children are having a positive experience while using social media is to teach them what to avoid, ie giving out personal information, etc. Keeping safety software updated, checking privacy settings, and having the family computer in a central location in the house will allow kids their own privacy without compromising safety.

How old were you when you got your first cell phone or computer? Take a look at this infographic for more and let us know in the comments. Don't forget to like and share! 

Trending Tweens: How Kids Use Social Media Infographic

Infographic by FashionPlaytes

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