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Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest: Sensible Social Media Marketing Checklist for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you wondering how to target the right audience on social media, every time? And how to create interesting content for them and to engage with them? Then wonder no more!

The infographic below, designed by TheWholeBrainGroup, is loaded with easy-to-follow suggestions and tips that will help you create a consistent social media presence on multiple channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkeIn, GooglePlus, YouTube, and SlideShare).

It is a great resource for businesses of all sizes who have heard great things about social media marketing but don't know where to start.

A key tip to remember is this: keep analyzing the impact of your work so you understand what strategies are and are not working!

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 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Small Businesses , brands and marketers

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