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Twitter Facts and Stats

The first time a post about Twitter appeared on my blog was March 2009. My, how time and Tweets fly. With 500 million registered users and 33 billion Tweets flying across the Twittersphere every day, Twitter has become a member of our family and a major part of our daily online experience. While many struggle to understand its worth, Twitter has become the most efficient global information network on the planet. Maybe some facts and figures will help put all this into perspective.

Twitter Through The Years 

  • 2006 – Twttr’s leaves the nest (Yes that’s how it was originally spelled), by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone
  • 2007 – Dorsey, Williams and Stone raise $1 million and the company is valued at $5 million
  • 2009 – 2 billion Tweets per day, and the founders raise $35 million to continue its growth
  • 2010 – Twitter raises $200 million, now is valued at $3.7 billion
  • 2011 – Twitter grow to 100 million active users sending 33 billion Tweets per day

5 Times When Tweets Went Through The Ceiling

  •  “Castle in the Sky” hits television screens – 25,088 Tweets per second
  • The final few minutes of Superbowl XLVI – 10,245 Tweets per second
  • The reaction to Madonna at the Superbowl – 10,245 Tweets per second
  • Tim Tebow and the Broncos Win a big one – 9,420 Tweets per second
  • Beyonce appears at the Video Music Awards – 8,869 Tweets per second

People Polled Say They Retweet

  •  Value-add content – 92%
  • Because of a personal connection to the original Tweeter – 84%
  • Because they thought the Tweet was funny – 66%
  • Because there was an incentive given in exchange – 32%
  • Because there was a request made – 26%
  • Because the Tweet came from a Celebrity – 21%

Did You Know

  •  Twitter’s projected ad revenue in 2012 is $259 million
  • Twitter's projected ad revenue by 2014 is $540 million
  • 11 Twitter accounts are created every second
  • 1 million Twitter accounts are opened every day

So, what do you think about Twitter? Do you use it? Are you surprised by any of this information? Do you have a fun fact not mentioned? I reshearched this post here, here and here.


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  • JudyCaroll1's picture
    Mar 15 Posted 5 years ago JudyCaroll1

    Very interesting facts Brad.  Twitter really rocks, bigtime.  I'm still amazed at how far this social media tool has grown ove the years

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