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Twitter Limits: Maximum Tweets Per Day?

There are over two hundred million registered users of Twitter.  This number grows by hundreds of thousands each day as new users sign-up.  There are over one hundred and fifty million Tweets per day.  So many, in fact, that many people find it hard to monitor ongoing conversations without using special platforms.  Twitter is used not only by individual people, but by businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals on behalf of animals or fictional characters.  It seems everyone wants to share information in 140 character snippets. 

The White House ( @WhiteHouse ) uses Twitter to share quotes, information, and interact with citizens. 

Jason Scott uses Twitter on-behalf-of his cat Sockington ( @Sockington ) and has amassed almost 1.5 Million followers (dubbed Army of Socks). 

The mastermind behind the internet meme “Nyan Nyan Cat” (a looped music video of a pixelated cat shaped piece of buttered toast flying with a rainbow) signed-up for a Twitter account to share the sage advice “Nyan Nyan.”  On April 23, 2011, @NyanNyanCat had 114 Tweets and @replies containing little more than a variation of “Nyan” and some symbols. 

Which makes one wonder, a repetitive looping fictional cat can make over 100 Tweets in a day – is there a maximum Tweets per day allowance?  How many Tweets can a business make before they reach Twitter’s maximum daily Tweet limit?

The answer is 1,000.  A Twitter user can make 1,000 Tweets in a day (although special restrictions apply). 

The takeaway from this blog post is simple: You have little to worry about with regard to the maximum number of allowed Tweets per day.  Your business should focus on delivering the most relevant content in 140 characters on a frequency that works for your audience.

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  • Feb 7 Posted 4 years ago Robert Wan

    1,000 is actually not even enough if you're auto replying to everyone tweeting, "I'm sick." And you happen to be the maker of a new cold and flu remedy.

  • Feb 7 Posted 4 years ago Robert Wan

    It's 250 per day... BUT that's lie. The limit resets hourly. So the real total maximum number of tweets you can send per day is 250 X 24.

    This is important if you want to auto reply to everyone who tweets out that they want your product ... this is what I mean:

  • Sep 1 Posted 5 years ago Shannon5000 (not verified)

    I've always wondered that!! Haha 1,000 - safe to say I will never get close to that number. What I have been wondering lately though is if Twitter has a maximum number of people you can follow per day. I'm trying to grow my Twitter page and I've been able to find some really great relevant followers but I am concerned I might go crazy and follow too many people in one day and then get banned or something. Anyone remember how Myspace used to do that?


  • Sep 1 Posted 5 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    Yes, i had been using the twitter to cover a KM conf and hit the hour limit , but cud not find on what number!

  • Sep 1 Posted 5 years ago Lowell (not verified)

    A 1000?  Yikes!  "Going to the bathroom now".  "Brushing my teeth".  "I just sneezed".  Ok, I can see how someone could hit a 1000!

  • Sep 1 Posted 5 years ago DanielPJ (not verified)

    I think it would be interesting to understand the not just the maximum but the minimum that leads to effective relationships. Too many and you become a nuisance and too few and you fall out of their thinking. What would be the best amount per day and per week to get the balance perfect. I am in the not-for profit sector so my objective is to keep people interested and buiold up a pasison to the point of donating.

  • Sep 1 Posted 5 years ago Dan Jordan (not verified)

    I completely agree with Linda.  Unless you're a big name like Amazon or Mashable, people are apt to get annoyed very quickly if you post incessantly.  You not only risk people unfollowing you, but also crowding out your own content.  Chances are the people who follow you follow other people just like you, posting similar content.  They might have time to read a couple articles you push out, but 15? 30?  Give people a reason to want to absorb what you post, and leave them wanting more.  After reading several different blogs researching this topic, the "happy zone" seems to be between 4-6.

  • Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago Debbie Miller (not verified)

    I think tweeting a lot is okay if it's mainly conversation. If you're constantly spewing out information all day, that'll get redundant and followers will probably tune it out, but if you're engaging regularly, that's a different story. I agree with the 5-8 tweets, with those being original content, accompanied by a few RTs, and then conversation on top of that.

  • RonHeimbecher's picture
    Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago RonHeimbecher

    I'll agree with TT about 5-8 per day. The only exception for me would be a news organization, and pretty much selling real-estate, gadgets, or how-to-get-rich-on-the-internet advice doesn't qualify as news. No matter how "urgent" they feel their message is.

  • Chad Wiebesick's picture
    Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago Chad Wiebesick

    I unfollow people that tweet incessantly and crowd my stream.

  • Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago LindaY0801 (not verified)

    Shouldn't the question be what the OPTIMUM number of tweets is, as opposed to the MAXIMUM number? I can't tell you how many otherwise relevant Twitter posters I've unfollowed because they send so many tweets that it monopolizes my timeline and drowns out other things I'm interested in. 

  • Jeff Tincher's picture
    Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago Jeff Tincher

    Wow, that sure seems like a lot of tweets in a day. It's just under ONE Tweet EVERY minute but i know there are hourly limitations too. Hence people have ended up in "Twitter Jail" due to too many tweets over an hour or so.

    But you are definitely correct when you say that people wouldn't reach this limit and for a business to tweet more than 10 or so times a day (which is a good amount) would be social suicide IMO.

  • Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago Twitter Tools (not verified)

    I think 5 to 8 tweets per day is enough.

  • JodyRaines's picture
    Aug 31 Posted 5 years ago JodyRaines

    I have hit an hourly limit, though.  Not sure what that limit is, but it seems to happen more frequently recently.  It's unfortunate, because it really limits functionality.  When I hit the limit, I go to my other networks and may or may not come back to Twitter. 

    It doesn't affect my ability to monitor the converstation but severely limits my ability to participate and respond.

    Anyone else finding they are hitting their hourly liimits?

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