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Twitter Vs. Facebook: Which One Is Better for Promoting Your Brand?

Let’s stick to the facts: Facebook has been traditionally ahead in content marketing promotion and it’s still a great influence on many audiences’ purchase decisions, but nowadays it’s slowly heading backwards. Twitter, on the other hand, was always a step behind in this area but by being a much more concise, immediate and dynamic social media platform, it’s increasingly making up ground by aiming for new online trends, such as marketing video promotion.

But does this mean that one social network is better than the other to promote your brand? Well, first off it’s important to know exactly where your audience is. Let’s look closely at both social media promotion possibilities and compare them.


Facebook: The Sleeping Giant

When talking about Facebook, we have to deal with this fact: the most popular social network is heading backwards as a first choice for promotion purposes. As of late, only 17% of the social networks US-based users believe that Facebook promotional actions lead to an actual purchase.

Could this withdrawal be part of a long-term warm up strategy? Facebook is nearly ready to launch their inner search engine platform that (according to some social media experts) could make even Google shake, and that would be a whole different story for both marketing strategies and the internet itself.

Seems to me like Facebook is actually more of a sleeping giant that’s waiting to strike back. What do you think?

Twitter: The Briskly Bird

While Facebook has a low performance on sales-leading advertising, nearly 40% of US-based social media users believe that Twitter promotion is the most effective. Nowadays, Twitter stands up for being the most trusted social network for online companies to promote their content.

The main advantages of the briskly bird is real-time communication and (tweet-bots aside) human relationships, led by favorited tweets, retweets and the possibility of talking directly to people in your business niche. With these reasons, we could say that Twitter is a bit more “social” than Facebook.

But Twitter also has a nest egg: it’s now heading towards video content marketing. Twitter Developers are aware that users share more than 2,000 videos per minute. They’ve just launched a beta version of Promoted Videos (read our recent article about this feature in this same blog), which finally allows online companies to advertise their videos through a cost-per-view system. Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that today, video content generates better engagement and views on Twitter than ever before. It looks like we will have to wait and see if Twitters pull for video content could match or be greater than the success of Facebook video promotion in the near future.

Overall, do you think one social network is better than the other to promote your content?

Again, it all depends on what type of content you want to promote and which network is better for your audience. Apparently, now Twitter seems to be flourishing and looked upon as a new place to promote your brand and your animated marketing videos; however, we should never underestimate Facebook, which will surely come up with some impressive marketing news shortly.

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    Sep 30 Posted 2 years ago Dialogfeed

    Beyond each social network performance analysis, if you don't want to choose between Twitter and Facebook, most community managers are using both.

    Optimizing both content production becomes key asset. Challenge for social media manager is to keep visitors onsite, versus make them leave by going to Facebook or Twitter page.

    An efficient solution is to display all your Facebook and Twitter posts on your site, in one page. You can use a social wall to aggregate these 2 social channels. 

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