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Twitter widgets for blogs

I have been on an ongoing basis been looking at Twitter widgets that would work well into my blogs and facebook profile. Here are five of the many options available to choose from.(not in any order of priority)

Option 1: Twitter widget from Widgetbox - Read More

 This is fairly straight forward. You just need to add user name, customize the colors and size and then get the widget. It supports most of the blogging platforms and even facebook. It automatically logs into your account and adds the widget without you having to copy the code and paste. You can choose to play around with widget placement later.
Option 2: Twitter widgets from Blogger Buster - Read more
Offers a couple of options on the page. One is style option for standard blogger add code for Twitter widget. The second useful one is using the widget installer to add a widget with the "Twitterific" icon as below.

Option 3: Twitter widget from - Read More
Another option with easy option of adding user name and changing background color to suit your blog. It pulls the image id you have uploaded on your twitter account.

Option 4: Korelab Twitter Balloon - Read More
Here it allows you to update any image in the background and you can play around with placement of the twitter balloon to suit the visual.

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