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Twitter's Magic

Hopefully you haven't been living under a rock and you know what Twitter is. You don't have to be an expert on the subject but you do know what there is something in the social media world called Twitter, correct?

As a refresher, here is Twitter in Plain English. It took me awhile to really start using Twitter. Actually it took me about a year before I really started engaging myself in Twitter. I kept thinking to myself, what could I possibly say in 140 characters? However, once I started to regularly use it, I was amazed at the things it could do. You can literally talk to people with their own PR firms, great PR professionals just by using the "@" sign whereas you probably won't get this opportunity anywhere else. Considering the economy these days, people's time are more important than ever. It is harder to get an informational interview with someone, especially if they have not heard from you before, than if you just posted your question for them in Twitter. That is the beauty of Twitter. People are in there to engage with their respective communities. Because I do events and PR, I follow people who are in those industries, I post links and articles who will benefit my followers as well as myself. Although I used to do this to my friends before, now, the people receiving my links and articles are actually interested in what I am interested in.

Below are a few Twitter PR people that I think are interesting.



Here is a good list to check out.

And of course, if interested, mine is: @krisfrancisco

Are you on Twitter?

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