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Ultimate Twitter Account Management Tool & Clean Up Maintenance


Twitter Clean Up

I wrote a post before on how to do a Twitter cleanup by using to remove all non-followers on Twitter and using Twitter directories like or to find and increase your niche follower count. The reason for a Twitter clean up is to remove all the non-engaged followers in your Twitter stream (besides celebs and news profiles).

Why follow these users if they don't follow you back and provide relevant and engaging conversations? The 2nd step of a Twitter clean up is to increase your niche and social network of Followers that's relevant to you.   The Twitter directories was a way to focus on finding new friends who you can target more effectively than friend  search.

New Twitter Account Management Tool for Maintenance

Well I have found a new website tool called InRev TwitIn at In their words

Welcome!!! Experience the new Social Media Tool. To follow and unfollow people in Twitter is just a click away. Just type in your Twitter Id and get on. Have Fun!! Manage your Twitter Account with faster operation and methods found nowhere else, secured by OAuth.

I recently came across this site and have found this tool to be the All-in-One ultimate resource for account management.  I also found this to more effective and faster than using friendorfollow in which I will explain why here shortly. To use the site, you must first log in using OAuth (an open protocol to secure access to a website with protected data)


Once in you will notice 3 major features for this website


1. Flush — Unfollow who are not following you

2.  Grow - Grow network, follow new people

3.  Reciprocate — Follow your followers back

The Flush Button

The Flush button is used to bring up 50 users (hit “refresh list” to bring up more) you are following but are not following you back.  Take advantage of this method by removing all the users in your Twitter stream who provide no engagement or value.

There is however the exception with Celebrities, News and other High Profile accounts that you may follow but don't expect them to engage or follow back. Buzzom does have a great feature for filtering out these users and still pursue the rest.  These features are considering “locking”.  You have the “Follow Lock” and the “Unfollow Lock”.


  • Locking — Locking users will place all the users you checkmark in an area where it won't be in your future results anymore.
  • The Follow Lock — All locked users you checkmark while searching for new users to Follow will be placed in the tab.  This is great when searching for new people to Follow on Buzzom, you can filter out all the Spammers, Bots and non-relevant people you don't want to follow.  This is not a block feature but simply a filter to not show these users in Buzzom.
  • The UnFollow Lock — Every user you Checkmark to Lock while “Flushing” away or finding users who you follow but they don't follow back will be placed in the Unfollow Lock tab.  People place here are your typical Celebrities, News Feeders or High profile users who don't typically follow people back.  Don't worry if your afraid of removing a Twitter user who you like to follow but don't mind they follow back, you can “SAVE” them or “LOCK” them so that way you won't remove them from your Follow list.


Everything you Lock will be saved for all future uses due to OAuth.  Once you login Buzzom it will save your information for future use.  So Flush away and be sure to “SAVE” the users who you want to keep following while “FLUSHING” the rest of the users who don't follow you back.

The Grow Button

This action provides you the list of people who are likely to follow you back. You can select the people from the list and follow them all at once.  You can also “LOCK” users who you do not want to follow and have Buzzom show them in the future searches.

The list is actually relevant to your profile and the users do have a high follow-back ratio.  Just because Buzzom automates the list you can still manually scroll down and un-check mark users you may feel not be worthy in following and adding to your network.


One of the fastest methods I seen to accurately grow your Twitter Network effectively and efficiently.  Other great methods Buzzom provides are:

  • People Search - This search you can target new people to Follow by using keywords to locate in the Bio's or Tweets.  This is a great search that I have found to replace the Twitter Directories like Twellow.  For instance I would use Twellow to locate “Real Estate Agents” or “Virginia” in the categories or search.  Buzzom now takes the search 1 step further by also allowing to switch to keywords in Tweets too.  So in essence this is an all-in-one search in this one stop shop site.
  • Cross Follow - This cool feature will allow you to choose which Twitter user you want to show data for either all of his/her Followers or all of his/her users she is following.  In essence you will be comparing your data with thiers and will only show the people not in your network to allow to add to yours.  You can start selecting all the Top profiles in your niche to Cross Follow, it's all about surrounding your self with like minded success individuals right?

The Reciprocate Button This action will bring up all the users who are following you that you haven't followed back yet.  Now mostly the users you have skipped may be due to spammers or bots but you may occasionally skip a few on accident and this feature is great for finding lost stragglers.  These users who are following you should deserve a follow back if they are not spammers.

Post from: Social Media Vision

Ultimate Twitter Account Management Tool & Clean Up Maintenance

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