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Useful SEO Tips to Sustain the Post-Penguin Panda Updates

In a constantly changing SEO landscape, it is important to remain up-to-date with the changing practices and strategies of optimization. Every year, search engines like Google introduce new updates in the SERPs, thereby widely affecting the rankings of the various websites, most commonly by dropping ranking.

SEO tips for post-penguin googleIn 2012, Google launched Knowledge Graph, which aimed at helping users find relevant search result to their query. It also assists users with summary, details, and relevant facts about the search query in question. For instance, if you’ll type ‘McDonald’ in the Google search box, you will be suggested several options to help you find the right match for your query.

Additionally, Knowledge Graph will provide a broader and deeper understanding of the topic/search item in question. Today, SERPs aren’t only focused on website ranking, but also on providing relevant information about the search query. For instance, if you search for a serial called “Friends” in Google, you will be presented with exhaustive information about the show.

In addition to changes in the SERP tool, the recent algorithm changes by the search engine giant have changed the SEO handling techniques comprehensively. Google no longer entertains keyword-rich anchor text. Also, keyword stuffing is heavily penalized by Google. Instead, it is essential for businesses and websites to focus on ethical SEO techniques like developing neat website, populating it with unique content, including relevant keywords that come naturally in the content. It is a fact that good and ethical SEO can improve a site’s visibility and ranking.

To survive the Penguin and Panda update, it is essential for websites to follow these basic rules:

Originality matters – SEO success is possible only through relevant and unique content. Add fresh content to your portal, update old ones, or remove the irrelevant ones from your site. The main purpose of your content should be to prove of a great help to readers or visitors. Your website content should be engrossing, unique, and simple. Avoid ‘black-hat” SEO tactics like keyword-stuffing or cloaking, EMD, etc.

Add authenticity – A website's authenticity is more important for driving positive and relevant traffic to your website. The more authentic your website is, the more trust you can earn from customers for your business. One of the finest ways to achieve this through credible links from relevant and quality sites. And to get authentic links, it is essential that your content is engaging and fresh.

Develop a unique and clean website - Ensure your website looks simple yet interesting. There should be adequate internal linking between pages and external links from quality websites. Maintain website clarity, without adding unnecessary colors and options on your portal.

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  • Spook SEO's picture
    Mar 27 Posted 3 years ago Spook SEO

    After changing the panda and penguin update the SEO is changing day by day. For ranking the blog or website the content of a website is must be unique. If the content of website is unique it’s built he good relation with visitor which is good for company loyalty. And have to avoid to black hat and keyword stuffing. There is a good article about new update’s of panda and penguin. So Sandeep Rohilla keep it up.

  • sofiabrooks's picture
    Jan 31 Posted 3 years ago sofiabrooks

    Really very informative article. Although i was very concious about the quality work on the website and never used Spamy ways to promote the website but after Penguin update my website was also affected. (but  little bit :)  Thanks God) and all the things controlled very soon.

    I reasearched a lot about panda & penguin and learn just one thing that do only quality work not quantity. Try to avoid excessive link building for money keywords, copied content and bulk submissions etc.

    And in this article Sandeep added some extra information with explaination which is amazing.


  • elenaionela's picture
    Feb 20 Posted 4 years ago elenaionela

    Very well written, unique quality content is basic for SEO

  • Steve Seager's picture
    Feb 20 Posted 4 years ago Steve Seager

    Great post. Once again, content, content, content!

  • stevep's picture
    Feb 20 Posted 4 years ago stevep

    Unique Quality Content and natural link building is the success key for SEO in the world of googles panda, penguin and EMD updates.

    Honesty and Orignality are the 2 factors to keep in mind to connect with other audiences...

  • Feb 19 Posted 4 years ago Marketwithmario

    Great article. People always ask me what the secret is to seo.  I tell them it's very simple (the premise of course).  Give users what they want, be honest and connect with other people.  Kind of like in real life business ;)

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