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The Value of Google Authorship [INFOGRAPHIC]

A lot of futurists point to Google Authorship as an SEO trend for the near future. Conceptually, how this happens may be a little abstract. This infographic does a good job describing the origins of Authorship and the potential for it to be used for the future.

Let me know what you think about this one.

Google Authorship InfographicInfographic by Internet Marketing Inc.


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  • Oct 10 Posted 1 year ago KahlaTheSailor

    I love the idea of Google Authorship. However, if I'm a content writer for a humble company that's just starting out blogging and setting up corporate social media accounts - could authorship actually be a hinderance if we don't have established connections/credibility just yet?

    Also, I feel a bit awkward putting myself as the face of the company in search rankings - might a corporate authorship account work better?

  • Oct 10 Posted 1 year ago Zach C

    Great summary of Google Authorship. I've been watching this play out for a while and this is a pretty elegant move on Google's part.  

    The beauty of it is that everyone wins in many ways: Google is effectively pushing some of the work in figuring out 'authority' to the content owners (making Google's job easier), Google can serve better search results (consumers win), content farms will find Google harder to game (content owners and businesses win), content owners using these tags will be able to benefit from authority building in the long term (content owners win), content owners and businesses will also want to flesh out their Google+ profiles and start keeping them updated (Google wins).


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