View From the Top: 9 Examples of Desk Top View Design

Jacey Gulden
Jacey Gulden Web Designer, SyneCore Tech

Posted on April 14th 2014

View From the Top: 9 Examples of Desk Top View Design

 9 Examples of Desk Top View DesignAs a web designer, I spend a lot of time a lot. Like most creatives, I enjoy seeking inspiration from other designers. This means exploring and interacting with a lot of different kinds of websites. If you do this enough, you're likely to uncover a few patterns.

In 2014, these patterns include trends such as responsive web design, flat design, and parallax scrolling. But there is another common trend that I see getting far less attention, despite it's prevalence in the world of web design. The desk top view. 

What is it Exactly?

It's a trend that relies heavily on the use of photography as a website background. Typically these are photos of a desk or table top and they look as if you were viewing them from a first person perspective.

Why is it Popular?  

It's a fact that people find comfort in things that are familiar to them. What better way to attract customers than to draw them in with a familiar picture of a desk or table? In addition to this, it's a way for designers to find balance in the seemingly opposite worlds of flat and skeuomorphic design. 

Who is Using It? 

This photography trend is being incorporated into web designs for various types of brands. So far, I've seen it used on sites in the food industry, marketing and advertising, personal portfolios, and blogs.  

Can I see some Examples? 

Well of course! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's take a look!

1. Impact Branding & Design

impact desktop

2. Munchery

munchery desktop

3. Satchimi Motorino: The First Time 

firsttime desktop

4. Lemonade LA

lemonade desktop

5. The Brand Bat

brandstrategy desktop

6. Blackhouse

blackhouse desktop

7. PageKit

pagekit desktop


tinitell desktop

9. G'nosh

gnosh desktop

Though it might not be a trend you've read about recently, there is no denying the popularity of desk top view design. Many of these examples relate to food and creative, but there is no reason why this type of photography couldn't work in other industries as well. If you've been considering re-vamping or redesigning your website, this trend might just be the inspiration you need to get started! 


Jacey Gulden

Jacey Gulden

Web Designer, SyneCore Tech

Representing the new breed of uber-brand journalist, Jacey recently graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Journalism which included a focus on web and graphic design; she also earned two minors in Theater and Psychology. She uses this unique mix of communications experience and web development skill to design functional websites for SyneCore’s clients. Constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, in her free time Jacey can be found perusing Pinterest and interpreting life through Instagram.

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