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Tuesday, June 20th

Want to Keep Your Personal Information Private? Monitor Your Online Reputation!

Privacy and Personal Information

Personal Privacy is harder than ever to achieve. The abundance of online information, as well as the many venues available to share personal and private information, makes it extremely difficult to protect yourself against online threats to your personal reputation and identity.

Though comprehensive online reputation monitoring may seem impossible, you do, in fact, have tools and methods at your disposal that can protect you from online information predators. There are ways to enjoy the internet while simultaneously protecting yourself against potential threats to your online reputation and personal identity. Following these useful tips will help you maintain control over your private information and personal identity online.

Tips to protect yourself include:

  • Limiting What You Share. Many people will post intimate and/or revealing details about themselves on a daily basis. The proliferation of social media has made privacy protection more difficult than ever before, which poses the question: what do I NEED to post? Limiting the information you share online provides less opportunity for others to use personal or negative info against you.

  • Be Aware of What’s Out There. Regular searches of pertinent keywords that relate back to you allow you to, at the very least, maintain awareness of the information that exists about you. Consistent online reputation monitoring can provide you the opportunity to know how much of your personal information is public, and gives you the option to take proactive steps towards either removal or nullification.  

  • Use Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a service that gives users updates as to any new action taken that pertains to a particular and personally-relevant keyword. This allows you to monitor your online reputation more effectively by staying on top of new and potentially harmful activity.

  • Monitor Data Search Sites. Perform regular checks on data-search sites like and others to discover what personal information is easily accessible to searchers. Many online information predators scour these sites for personal addresses, phone numbers and emails, making it important to know what contact info is easily and readily available.

  • Hire an Online Reputation Management Company. Hiring a professional reputation management company can extremely beneficial for  individuals concerned with keeping their personal information private and protect their reputation online. These companies are equipped with the software and expertise to help you better manage and monitor your online reputation, and are often times the best defense against threats to your online privacy.

There are a multitude of ways to construct an effective online reputation management strategy. Monitoring your online reputation requires the employment of advanced tools and proven techniques. When done properly, it will help keep your personal identity and reputation safe from potential threats that exist online.

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  • Joe Chierotti's picture
    Apr 14 Posted 3 years ago Joe Chierotti

    I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  If you have questions about online reputation monitoring, protecting your personal information on the internet, or any other issues discussed in the article above, please post them here.

  • Joe Chierotti's picture
    Apr 13 Posted 3 years ago Joe Chierotti

    Mic, Thanks for your comment!

    In the article I discussed the importance of monitoring major data-search sites. and fall into the general categorization of data-search sites

  • micvadam's picture
    Apr 13 Posted 3 years ago micvadam

    Interesting!  Wonder why you are not bringing up a tool like  In the past we had 123people but that is no longer active.

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