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What We Can Expect to See from Google in the Near Future

When it comes to the massive technological giant of a company that is Google, the burning question is usually, "What will they come up with next?" Here are six areas where we can expect to see more Googleish shine in the coming years.

Your Wallet

It's no secret that Google has crept into the e-commerce space, with paid apps via Google Play, Google Wallet and integration with other online purchasing platforms. Google Wallet is already a premier one credit card digital wallet.

Google Wallet, billed as an easier way to pay, stores not only your credit and debit cards but gift cards, rewards points, etc. in one place -- your Android phone. But beyond that, Google seems ready to take the next step by literally taking customers shopping. According to reports, one service patent the company recently applied for will enable them to send a taxi to take you the store to pick up the product you just purchased online. 

Your Wearable Technology

The splash that Google Glass is making is only the beginning as Google constantly comes up with more clever ideas for the technology. It's not yet clear if the public will ever fully embrace the product, but that isn't for Google's lack of trying. The Glass's capabilities are only expected to grow. The frames will reportedly be slimmer, the apps will run faster and app integration will be smoother.

Glass is not the only device you may start to see people wearing. Google is also working on a smartwatch since they acquired Wimm, a smartwatch company.  Expected to tackle the age-old problems of bulkiness, functionality, usefulness and battery life, Google may be on track to make a mainstream smartwatch a reality.

Your Phone

Google's Android platform holds its own against other operating systems. Apps such as Gmail and Google Drive -- where you can update documents, apps and spreadsheets via your mobile device -- have been seamlessly integrated. New Google apps and improvements to existing apps are sure to continue to push Google forward in the smartphone industry.

Google is continuing to work in cell phone hardware as well. The company is particularly interested in getting cheaper cell phones to customers in developing countries. Cell phones priced as low as $75 may serve as the company's first step toward reaching that goal.

Your Home

Though not as apparent as other initiatives, Google's foray into home automation appears to have been in the works for a few years now. Imagine a smart home that you can adjust through an Android app, whether the lights, alarm or temperature. It's not a new idea by any means, but Google's innovations may reshape the typical idea of what a smart home is. Google executives are already imagining new possibilities, and a smart home division within Google may deliver something concrete soon.

Your Internet

The debut of Google Fiber, a connection that is up to 100 times faster than the average broadband connection, is widely expected to prompt more competition from other ISPs. Claiming faster speeds and downloads, Google Fiber will extend to your TV as well. Google Fiber is not yet widely available and so far is only established in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. But we expect that to change soon.

Google is likely to set up similar projects in developing countries.

Your Healthcare

Considering Google's commitment to technology, it's unsurprising that the giant company is exploring ways to improve your health via clever innovations. The Google Smart Contact Lens for diabetics was the first step, and more products probably aren't far behind. Another area that is picking up is anti-aging research.

Overall, these are just some of the projects we know Google is working on. What else is going on behind those colorful letters? Tech geeks around the world are drooling to find out. Google is showing no signs of slowing down and is, in fact, becoming ever more creative and savvy when determining how to meet the wants and needs of its customers.

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