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What's Popular on Pinterest This Halloween

Using Tailwind's soon-to-be revealed keyword listening tool, we analyzed a sample of 20,000 pins to find what's popular this Halloween, and what it means for brands on Pinterest.

As we all know, Pinterest is an amazing place to find new ideas for seemingly every holiday - and Halloween is no exception. This year we wondered what pinners would be excited about when it came to planning their perfect Halloween costume. To find out, we used our soon-to-be-revealed Pinterest keyword listening tool to pull a sample of 20,000 pins and found 100 of the most popular words on Pinterest this Halloween.

Click below to see the word cloud of 100 popular words used on Pinterest this Halloween. pinterest popular for Halloween

  • With words like "DIY", "ideas", "homemade" and "make" being in the top 10 most used words, it's obvious that pinners are excited about making their own original costume this year.
  • Amazingly, the most referenced website wasn't Google, it was Etsy. Again, this shows that Pinterest's DIY culture is alive and well.
  • Anyone who's seen "Mean Girls" understands why "sexy" is on the list. Being sexy on Halloween is a proven tradition in "girls world".
  • Other funny, but less-than-suprising members of the list, are the words "dog", "cat" and "pets". If you spend any time on Pinterest, it's pretty obvious that cute pets make for popular pins. And cute pets dressed in costumes? Now that's just gold.
  • With the popularity of the Great Gatsby and Downton Abby this year, it's easy to see why the 1920s wound up being the most popular decade of our sample. Better luck next year, 1950s.
  • What is a bit surprising is the lack of characters on the list. Of the 100 words, "princess", "witch", "fairy", "pirate", "mermaid", "peacock", "zombie", "owl", "Queen" and "batman" were the only ones with obvious character traits.

So, what does all this mean for brands? While, again, "DIY" being the top word isn't too surprising, it is important to realize that there is a strong trend with pinners making their own costumes - not going to a party store and buying one. While this may feel like the kiss of death for some retailers, it's actually a great opportunity to reach out to those pinners and let them know about a great sale you're having on costumes and - hey! - they won't have to sew a thing. And just imagine the possibilities for brands selling makeup, craft supplies or even clothing. Being able to find and engage those pinners who need your product to create their perfect Halloween costume makes you a hero, and them a lifelong fan.

Regardless of your industry, by using social listening you can find pinners actively seeking out your goods or service and create that relationship before the purchasing decision ever takes place. In the end, that's the true power of social listening.

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  • Nov 2 Posted 3 years ago amandakittle

    Thanks for posting this! I had no idea you could find keywords specifically on Pinterest. I'm not so surprised at the results either because I figure if you're on Pinterest to begin with, you have a crafty side, so you're interested in looking for ideas and DIY. Same thing if you're interested in Etsy. I completely agree with your tips for companies looking to score big with this technology, although I think the ones that will do better are the ones who sell the materials to create costumes, rather than those stores selling the finished idea. They'll have to be much more creative in how they utilize Pinterest to reach out to those consumers! Maybe the fact that we are all so time-pressed will help those companies in situations like this. I'd definitely be interested in seeing what pops up for other holidays! 

  • Oct 30 Posted 3 years ago rclift

    Great article and it's interesting to see what the most popular terms are on Pinterest, I've used quite a few of these! But the picture only has 94 words, not 100.

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