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What’s Your Company’s Social Score? Dachis Group Releases Free Social Business Index

What’s that you say, Klout on steroids? Well, not quite, but somewhat similar in nature. As the free world (and world in general) continues to adopt social media as an extension of their everyday lives, big companies are starting to take notice. Enterprise corporations are beginning to leverage social media as an effective marketing strategy, but how do we measure up against the rest?

Dachis Group - Social Business Index

Dachis Group, which was created to unlock the value of social technologies for large corporate enterprises through Social Business Design, hopes to help shed light on how your company sizes up against the rest.

The Social Business Index hopes to bring mounds of big data into a consumable format by helping enterprise corporations gain a holistic view of how they rank in social business. The challenge with social media is that it’s still in the infancy stage (albeit, quickly growing from a walk to a slow jog); from software solutions to the fire hose of activity – there’s just not a simplistic way to understand it all. The Social Business Index (SBI) hopes to help alleviate this concern.  Now available to the general public, SBI is described as the following:

The Social Business Index, built on top of Dachis Group’s Social Business Intelligence Insight Platform, analyzes the effectiveness of strategies and tactics organizations employ to engage the market through social channels. At launch, the Social Business Index analyzes signals from over one hundred million social sources globally and analyzes the performance of the largest global companies and thousands of those companies’ brands.

Through the use of natural language processing, semantic analysis, and machine learning algorithms, Dachis Group has built a machine learning engine based on their pacesetting Social Business Design framework and leveraging their experience in hundreds of social engagements and executions as the world’s largest social business strategy organization.

Though the SBI is in its early stages of development, I think there’s great potential down the road for others to enter the market and create a tool or benchmark that helps enterprise-level corporations better understand a holistic view of their social activities / performance and create meaningful insights based on the analysis. The core features are available free of charge, with a few bells and whistles for registered users.

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  • Edwin Huertas's picture
    Nov 21 Posted 5 years ago Edwin Huertas

    I just checked out the site. Great tools and great concept - Kudos. The site had a great tools, and impressive layout and was very easy to use.

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