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When should you delete a comment on your Facebook Page?

lolcatsdotcomkj9qqzegnrahk8de When should you delete a comment on your Facebook Page?


If you’re like most nonprofits, the question of what to do with comments on your Facebook Page that are innappropriate or harmful comes up at one point or another. You want to allow your fans to have free reign on your Facebook Page, but you also want to protect the innocent.

Ultimately, you need to discuss these issues with your coworkers, but here are a few points to keep in mind:

How to deal with comments on your Facebook Page

1. When the comment is hurtful

Protecting your community should be job one. They need to feel that you will stand up against a commenter whose only intention is to hurt them. In some cases, particularly with passionate communities, you might let other fans deal with the commenter. However, if the commenter crosses a line, you should delete the comment and/or remove them as a fan.

Also remember that hurtful comments about other Facebook communities should not be tolerated, even if you disagree with that communities politics or beliefs. Maintain a high level of respect and dignity for all people as a baseline – it will benefit your organization in the long run.

2. When the comment is spam

Uninvited comments that are promoting a product unrelated to your community is spam. You can either delete it or flag it as inappropriate.

You could also call out the commenter as spam, or as Shannon Boudjema recommends: “Name and shame while educating them as to why they’re getting their hands professionally slapped.”

3. When the comment is not age appropriate

For Page communities that include 13 to 18-year olds, it might be a good idea to enlist a few adults to help moderate the Page. Make sure these moderators have a clear set of guidelines regarding their roles and the rules of engagement.

Also, consider starting a secret group for in-depth discussions that teens have attempted to conduct on the Page.

Don’t delete criticism

It may be tempting to delete comments that are critical of your organization. But don’t. Acknowledge criticism that is legitimate and respond respectfully. You’ll learn that diversity of mind on your Page is an asset, not a hinderance.

And keep in mind that commenters can take screen grabs of their comments as they make them. You wouldn’t want to be seen as an org that deletes legit comments just because they’re critical.

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  • Robert A Burns II's picture
    Aug 2 Posted 6 years ago Robert A Burns II

    Great points.

    Many moderators are way too "delete-happy," and often delete valid criticisms just because they don't like them. There is no reason to do this, and if people are following closely, you'll eventually be exposed for hiding the truth, or simply silencing the masses.

    Now I can understand if, like you said, the comments are purely destructive. Then by all means, delete away. But please don't silence people just because they don't write glowing reviews about your organization or the things you're doing.

    Great article, John!

  • Aug 2 Posted 6 years ago Carla McNeil (not verified)

    I have also seen contraversay on Facebook Pages where the Fans have come in and defended you.  It really is wonderful to see that happen, it allows your Fans to become even more passionate about your cause.  This is where your idea "diversity of mind on your Page is an asset, not a hinderance." is really powerful.

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