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Why and How Your Brand Must Provide Omni-Channel Customer Service

In our webinar sponsored by SAP on November 11th, Clara Kochalski, Manager of Digital and Social Media for Capital One, Chris Geddes, Director of Social Media and Communities at Microsoft Mobile and Windows Phone, and Kai Petzelt, Senior Product Manager at SAP discussed the details behind delivering an omni-channel customer service experience.

Here are 3 key take-aways:

  1. Multi-channel vs Omni-channel - Companies using multiple channels (e.g. social media, web and email) to engage their customers are not necessarily focused on delivering a seamless / consistent message across multiple touch-points. Versus consistency across channels (messaging, brand experience, buyer’s journey) with seamless interaction and handoff between channels.
  2. Everyone owns the Customer Experience – Marketing owns the channels to market and the ability to keep the tone consistent in those channels. PR owns the media channels and is in charge of keeping the message consistent. Customer Care owns the front line with the customer and can keep the experience consistent.
  3. Think Metrics Above You - Understand the KPI’s and metrics that your boss is rated on and find a way to use what you do in social media to improve those metrics!

For a full replay of this fantastic webinar (including slides), please click here.

You can also to scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the following Storify: 

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