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Why Facebook Advertising Is a Brilliant Option to Increase Sales

Most online stores get their traffic from affiliate marketing channels. Another major source of traffic is natural search engine traffic. Many online store owners also opt for Google PPC advertisements to funnel potential buyers to their websites.

When it comes to driving valuable traffic to websites, social media is often talked of as an important channel. However, a recent survey by Monetate shows that social media sites aren’t sending much direct traffic to online stores.

Social Media and Ecommerce Sales
According the survey results based on millions of online transactions, social media brings less traffic (1.55%) than email marketing campaigns (2.82%). Search accounts for 31.43%, way beyond what social media offers. Also, only 0.71% of queries from social sites convert!

When you keep in mind the fact that people spend 23% of their time on Internet on social media sites, you will realize that the potential of using social media for driving online sales has not been fully exploited. The reason for the low amount of traffic and low conversions is because businesses have not been able to formulate the right models for leveraging social media.


How Facebook Advertisements Help
With Facebook Ads, it has now become possible for online businesses to get powerful leads from the biggest social media site. Here, we take a look at some of the most exciting facts about Facebook Ads that highlight the possibilities of Facebook advertising for ecommerce sales.

# Customized Targeting
Most online stores offer products in a niche category. If they can target their advertisements to a specific group of visitors, there is a good chance that they can get high number of valuable visitors on their website. General social media posts and messages for ecommerce do not have much impact, because they are not targeted. You can target your Facebook advertisements very precisely.

You can vet users on the basis of gender, age, location, specific interests of the users (sports, fashion, music, etc.), relationship status and several other factors! This means that whether you go for cost per click or paid impressions, you are bound to get valuable and interested users on your website.

# Remarket your Products
Facebook allows advertisers to remind the visitors to buy your products. Most people do not buy products the first time they see them – people check out products, think whether they can buy them, make sure that they can afford to buy and then eventually buy it.

Remarketing through Facebook Exchange helps you to remind the customers to buy specific products from your website. In addition to persuading hesitant customers to buy the product, this feature also provides you with the opportunity to promote your company page.

# Different Types of Advertisements and Pricing Options
Facebook offers the ability to set bids based on either Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM). You can also set daily or lifetime budget according to your business criteria. Also, you are not limited to just one kind of advertisement. Depending on what suits your product best, you can create Sponsored Ads, Sponsored Results, Page Posts, Marketplace Ads and Promoted Posts.

# Conversion Tracking
Facebook allows advertise to keep track of important actions people take on their website after they click or view ads. Advertisers can use a conversion tracking pixel to create a JavaScript code snippet. This makes it very easy for online store owners to measure the effect of their advertising campaigns. This feature helps you calculate the exact ROI on the advertisement and helps you find identify elements that stand in the way of higher conversion.

# Easy to Create and Manage Ads
The Facebook ads campaign manager offers more than enough information about all the points related to managing multiple advertisements on Facebook. Also, it is easy to design and create advertisements using the simple and intuitive tools provided by Facebook. When you do not have a huge advertising budget, don’t have too much time to create ads and want to create and manage ads on your own, these features are priceless.

Wrapping up
Most businesses have seen social media as a useful tool for branding and promotion. But direct visits or sales from Facebook do not yet form a large part of the total visits that ecommerce stores get. We feel that a judicious use of Facebook ads will help online store managers and other businesses get more valuable traffic from social media.

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  • Mike Swan's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago Mike Swan

    Appreciated for valuable content. Well no doubt facebook ads have emerged as a popular and cost-effective way to promote a small business online. According to recent research from Merchant circle 22% of small businesses have used Facebook Ads, and 65% say they would use Facebook Ads again, citing ease and flexibility as the top reasons to run another campaign

  • whichsocial's picture
    Nov 8 Posted 3 years ago whichsocial

    Hi Kinjal,

    I like your mention on Facebook conversion tracking.

    From our experience with our fashion retailer clients, we have noticed the impact of sales generated from certain Facebook post is pretty consistent.


    Avin Wong

    MD of - 

    "Social media ROI analytics software focusing on quantifying the impact on ROI conversions driven by social media content from Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest"

    Richard Clarke Photography

  • Oct 17 Posted 3 years ago Marketwithmario

    The ability to hand pick an audience on Facebook is a valuable feature that business can take advantage of.

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