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Why Google Analytics is important to your website

Google Analytics is one of the top, most powerful tools out there for monitoring and analysing traffic on your website.It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics.

Here is a list of the important data that Google Analytics will give you:

  • Where your visitors are coming from – very important if you’re targeting a specific audience.
  • How your visitors found your website – this is very important for determining which of your efforts are paying off. It shows if visitors found your site directly, through a referral from another website (ex: Twitter, Facebook), or from search engines.
  • Web browsers used by your visitors – knowing which web browsers your visitors use allows you to know which browsers you should be focusing on.
  • What keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get to your website – this is very crucial for SEO. Knowing which keywords people are searching for to get to your site determines if you are on the right track.


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  • alicecornelios's picture
    Jun 7 Posted 4 years ago alicecornelios

    Thanks for the information Dawn. Aside from the obvious benefits of Google analytics. I just want to know if this tool can affect or contributes a direct signal for search ranking of website?

    Thanks much.

    Alice from Good Blogs

  • yoavburger's picture
    Aug 3 Posted 4 years ago joelburger

    Good post, Dawn.  I am using Google Analytics quite a lot these days to determine exactly the points you cover - who is coming to my site, where did they come from, how long are they staying and how do they behave on my site.  I have included your post in 'Best of the Web' http://j3webmarketing.com/best-web so others can benefit by your information.  Thank you.

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