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Why Instagram's New Tagging Feature Is Important to Your Business

Instagram just updated their app the other day with a new feature that allows you to tag people in the pictures you share. Tagging is a good thing when it comes to engagement and business. Here's why.InstagramUpdateTagging

Why Instagram Tagging Is Important To Your Business

In a lot of my articles, I talk about the importance of fan appreciation, social proofing and encouraging your fans to get behind your brand. This new tagging update helps with all of these nuances by allowing your fans to tag your brand in a photo. Not only will this allow you to increase traffic to your Instagram page with direct link, it also gives you a better way to showcase fan photos.
InstagramFanPhotosOn the "old" Instagram, people had to tag you in the comment section. You then received the notification and were able to "regram," or repost, that image by sharing their link or taking a screenshot and reposting it to your official channel. You can still do this, of course, and I do encourage it. But now you're able to showcase the images that you are tagged in, on your profile. Any picture you are tagged in now (if you permit it and if you update the app) will show up on your Instagram homepage. This is huge!

Since you'll be tagged in the image, you'll have better access to finding pictures about your brand and commenting on them. You c


an still search for your brand name as well—though, I wouldn't recommend stopping whatever you've been doing in the past. I just welcome you to do more. Don't forget that more engagement equals more fans and more exposure.

You can also tag your fans to your photos, which is a really nice way to say thanks and show them you care. Sharing is caring, after all.

How To Encourage Users To Exercise This Feature

Since it is brand new, new ideas will emerge. However, right now you can start engaging your fans and asking them to tag you in photos, in order to start building your "Photos You're Tagged In" section. One

quick and easy way is to host a contest and ask people to tag you in photos that relate to, or specifically feature, your brand. Contests are excellent for engagement and I highly recommend them.

You can also ask people to tag you in old photos. To do this, click on the Edit icon (made up of three dots) and click on "add people." Ask and you shall receive.

How do you see this new feature playing a role in your Instagram engagement strategy?

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  • May 11 Posted 3 years ago Michelle Capaldi

    This is a great artilce! I look forward to sharing this article with my followers at:


    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.


  • StephanieFrasco's picture
    May 6 Posted 3 years ago StephanieFrasco

    Thanks Aisling. You are absolutely correct. Marketers need to harness the networks that their customers are using. 

  • May 6 Posted 3 years ago foley12

    Wow this is a great new feature that definitely helps improve the app and lets marketers know exactly how people are using or viewing the brand on the app.  The easier you make it for people the more likely they will tend to do things like tag brands and use hashtags.  Perhaps marketers can reach out through campaigns like this to actually develope hype or anticipation for the launch of certain products or media.

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