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Why Pinterest Is So Important for Online Stores

Pinterest now has over 48.7 million users and stands as the fastest growing social network. Pinterest holds so much potential for brands to showcase their products to a large community of eager buyers looking to find that perfect product.

Regardless of how new Pinterest is to the social networking scene, it has already shown why it is so powerful. Here are some reasons why you should be using Pinterest for the sake of your online store;

  1. Content is reusable – With most social networks, the primary focus is the ability to publish only fresh content and the same applies to Pinterest but you can repin a post from a year ago and get the same amount of traction.

  2. Themed Boards – With the way Pinterest works, this is something unique to social networking. The ability to create boards based on certain subjects allows followers to understand your brand’s personality and what’s important to your online store.

  3. It’s not all about YOU – As a social network, Pinterest is a great place to share visual images from other brands and users. It’s not just about posting images of your business, you can appreciate what other users are pinning to their boards.

  4. You can be Personal – In my opinion, Pinterest allows you to show off your personality either as a single user or as a brand better than another other network. Just creating a board based on personal interests shows that there is a fun side and this will help your consumers understand you and become connected to your online voice.

Pinterest has been said to be the best visual tool on the network, with a high percentage of active users every single day. Not only does it allow you to share your brands image, it is also an inspiring network, allowing you to find ideas for a new product or service. Pinterest however, does need to be SEO optimised.

Here are some SEO tricks when optimising your Pinterest profile;

  • Long tail keywords – You need to choose your keywords carefully and you should definitely consider using long tail keywords as they have a longer shelf life. You have the ability to personalise a pin to cater to a specific location, product category and gender. This makes the search inside of Pinterest more targeted at your ideal consumer.
  • Using Hash tags – Following the trend started by Twitter, Pinterest also accommodates hash tags. When used correctly, they can be a very powerful tool to reach those who are searching for your products.

  • Backlinks – If you are uploading a picture from your computer to your Pinterest page, make sure you set the URL to go back to your website homepage so that every time someone clicks on your picture, it takes them to your online store. You should also consider adding a URL in the description to double the chances of a click through to your online store.

Is your online store Pinterest ready?

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  • TabithaPhilen's picture
    May 6 Posted 4 years ago TabithaPhilen

    Actually, hashtags no longer work the same way they do on Twitter. The official word is that they hope to bring that back but it was dropped when the new format was created and no longer has the same functionality.

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