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Why Twitter Isn’t The Future

Why Twitter Isn't The FutureI love Twitter. I really do. It allows me to connect with people who I wouldn’t normally be able to reach. But it’s not the future.

Twitter unleashed changes, which I’ve discussed and given my thoughts on what we can learn from them, but they haven’t blown me away. Twitter is microblogging, you follow people and people follow you, you post text, images and videos. Twitter’s recent changes allow you to take tweets out of Twitter and embed them on external sites or put buttons that prompt people to tweet content with an ‘@’ or ‘#’ tag in.

Meanwhile Facebook is revolutionizing the web by allowing third-party app development through which people are beginning to interact in completely new and unique ways.

Twitter allows you to read, write, watch and share content – everything you could already do with online content 10 years ago – only now there’s more of it and more of us.

With Twitter you discover and with Facebook you act.

What does this mean? Well for Twitter it means it is, and I suppose it always was, a social search engine. Now the folk at Twitter have to compete with Google+ and hope they had a big enough head start with integration into mobile apps to survive. Maybe with the new brand pages things will change, but I suspect not.

As for Facebook, it means business as usual – ‘Move Fast And Break Things’ – pushing the boundaries of what is possible, re-imagining social interaction and probably taking on real world sharing.

I do love Twitter, but it isn’t and never will be like its big brother: Facebook.


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  • vectorash's picture
    Dec 21 Posted 5 years ago vectorash

    Twitter and Facebook are NOT the same thing, they fight dfferent battles and in different ways! 

    Facebook has cheated a lot of users and sooner or later it will catch up with them. 

    Twitter still has a huge pool of users that are confortable with it, that's the main thing... 

    And now they are launching brand pages that if used properly will give them a huge boost: Twitter Brand Pages

  • SteveDodd's picture
    Dec 16 Posted 5 years ago SteveDodd Personally, I think it's too early to jump to this kind of conclusion about either service. We're still so very early in the game that neither has truly evolved to its ultimate end.  Plus, there will be new challenges coming that will force them both (and Google) to pivot many times before this market stabilizes.
  • Dec 16 Posted 5 years ago Vixter

    I still like Twitter - it's by far easier to get people to interact with you.  Facebook for business is almost like interrupting a good party with a pushy sales spiel - no matter how friendly and social you try to be.  Twitter is there to make new connections, discover new things and people are generally much more receptive to it.  Who knows, how Facebook will continue to change - in fact they are all evolving all the time.  But I don't want them to all become similar platforms.  Viva la difference!

  • Dec 13 Posted 5 years ago tsakali In general, I agree with this approach. Allow me, however, to disagree with the future prospect of Twitter, on the basis that it "holds" a unique aspect that no other Social Network at the time being hasn't been able to grip. And that's the hashtag function, which apart from micro-blogging, it offers unique capabilities and characteristics for monitoring specific topics. For example, I find fascinating the fact that during a live event we can tweet utilizing the # to keep track of what is being said/shown. Furthermore, in an event involving different types of participants (e.g. journalists, bloggers, consumers, politicians etc.), one individual can easily monitor the discussion on twitter and directly interact with this varying audience, just by using the mobile app on his mobile device. My view is that either Facebook or any other -current- social network offers this unique capability. And in my eyes, it will be very difficult for a launch of a new service addressing this area of concern, with the established user base, familiarity and awareness that Twitter enjoys -at least in the short term. Having said that, I believe that Twitter's platform will consist of a powerful tool for networking and transmitting news/content. Its domination in this category might not last through the years, but for sure Facebook would wish to have Twitter's fast moving - fast evolving community and user base. Thanks @tsakali_gr
  • Reed Pankratz's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 5 years ago Reed Pankratz

    Twitter may not BE the future, but that doesn't mean it isn't still IN our future. Twitter, like you said, is a great way to interact and connect with people, to find new leads and create new relationships. People aren't going to let a tool like that go by the wayside. Especially at a time when consumers are obsessed with instant gratification, Twitter will continue to be a key component of social media strategy for individuals and businesses alike. I agree with you in that Twitter will never be Facebook, but I also don't think Twitter wants to try and be Facebook (or at least I hope they don't) because they would get blown out of the water. However, if they can continue to create their own identity as a social search engine, then we will continue to see Twitter around for quite some time. Thanks for posting!


  • KatieSoze's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 5 years ago KatieSoze

    I love Twitter! Twitter is growing much faster than Facebook too.

  • MarketMeSuite's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 5 years ago MarketMeSuite

    Well said. I think you do act on Twitter as well, but I get what you're saying about Twitter being more of a social search engine. And a darn good one. I understand why Twitter has made these changes, but I sometimes am sad, longing for the days when Twitter was simple, 140 characters. That's not even sacred anymore:

    Good article, thanks for sharing.

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

  • GrowMap's picture
    Dec 11 Posted 5 years ago GrowMap

    The optimum use for any social network that you do not control is to connect with others and bring them back to a domain you DO control. To build your online presence on the shifting sands of any Borg planet - especially Facebook or Google where they have already proven that they will constantly change and force you to waste your valuable time rebuilding continually - is a fool's errand. Use them at your own risk. 

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