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Why use Mindmaps as part of your Social Media Strategy.

A MindMap, concept map, word web are all the same thing. These refer to taking a single concept, idea or word and generating related thoughts to go with the original word. This is a very powerful tool for idea and concept creation activities.

The human mind works by networking information. A single thought immediately makes a connection to another thought or idea stored in the brain. A good example of this in action is tying a string around a finger to remember something. The string makes a connection in the brain. You look down at the string; it reminds you what you needed to remember.

While the brain is a powerful networking tool, it cannot hold too many ideas at a single time. This is where the MindMap helps with concept generation. After you write down your first word, immediately begin jotting down additional words and ideas as they come to you.

The goal initially is to get something down and start the creative process. While this may not seem like it, you will be generating ideas and concepts that will lead to your final product.

The beauty of MindMapping is the fact you can use it for almost anything. Wildly popular in schools, it works well for writing assignments. Fans of the televison program “House” may recall the MD team writing information about patients on a whiteboard. This was a MindMap.

To start creating mindmaps, here is a list of a few inexpensive mindmapping online tools:

These are all cloud-based services so you can view your maps wherever you are.  Additionally, you can collaborate with others to grow an idea from a seed into a majestic large tree.

There are various ways that you can use mindmaps for your social media strategy:

  • Create a visual social media strategy.

  • Create visual task lists and project flow charts so you can be sure you are not neglecting any aspect of your social presence.  

  • Create awesome mindmaps and share the images on your blog or pinterest.

  • How about creating a social game where you invite people to collaborate on the mindmap with a goal in mind? This would encourage social sharing and interaction.  

  • Stumped and at a loss for what to write about?  Surf the web and take notes in your mindmap, then as you write down ideas, each concept can lead to another concept and another.  By the end of it you can have an amazing graph full of concepts that you can refer to.

With these mindmapping tools, you can start collaborating on projects that you’ve been wanting to get to for years, or do a “brain dump” of ideas that you’d like to work on.  MindMaps are great to “create” your future as you dream of what you’d like to accomplish in your personal life or business.  What are you waiting for?  Go Map!

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  • DouglasKarr's picture
    Jul 5 Posted 5 years ago DouglasKarr

    Agree with Chuck - be sure to check out Mindjet and their associated applications.  That was a big vendor to forget on the list!  Be sure to check out their amazing blog as well - it covers a broad spectrum of conversations about internal communication, leadership, process and planning.  Full disclosure: Mindjet is a client of ours!


  • Jun 28 Posted 5 years ago ChuckFrey

    Mind mapping is certainly a multi-faceted tool for blogging and social media. It's the ideal tool for capturing, organizing, distilling and communicating information. Last year, I wrote a blog post that describes how it can be used by bloggers to improve their workflow: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/use-mind-mapping-software-to-manage-your-blogging-business/

    The web-based mind mapping tools you referenced vary in quality and features. Of the ones you listed, I'd recommend MindMeister and Mind42. Mindjet Connect is very good. It has the added advantage of including a web-based file storage and sharing environment. Your team can collaborate on shared mind maps in real time, and can upload mind maps and other file types to a shared directory.

    For more tips and product reviews, I recommend that you visit my Mind Mapping Software Blog, which is the definitive source of information on these powerful, visual business tools.

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