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Why You Need a Steady Flow of Content?

content, content marketing, search engines content, content links, new contentA steady flow of content is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. If you want to have a successful online presence, you need to make it easier for your customers to find you. One of the best ways to do that is through your content creation. And, if you don’t have a steady flow of content to add to your blog or website, you will have a more difficult time generating the type of traffic you need to be successful.


Make an effort to educate your customers with your content. Sometimes individuals turn to the Internet to gather information instead of making a purchase. The blog articles you write, as well as your website content, should be written in a way that provides this information to your customers. Your website can use sales language, but most of language you use should be conversational and offer valuable information for your customers.

Impress the Search Engines with Your Content

Search engines crawl websites on a regular basis searching for new and useful information. If you keep your website updated with fresh articles and ne information, the search engines will take notice. Also, you will be better able to maintain your search engine rankings and could even improve them.

Build More Links

Link building is an essential aspect of any online marketing plan. If you only have a few website pages and a blog article or two, you won’t have a lot of places to link your content. Search engines place a high level of importance on these links, making more links better. As long as those links are relevant to your website, they will improve your search engine rankings.

As you consider your marketing plan, your content plays a major role. Maintaining a steady flow of new content on your website and blog can help you generate more traffic and increase your search engine rankings. If you can’t manage your content on your own, hire someone to help you so you can always keep your website and your blog fresh and your customers and the search engines happy.

Join The Conversation

  • BradFriedman's picture
    Apr 11 Posted 3 years ago BradFriedman

    Kenny, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. As a content author I'm surprised you couldn't find even a morsel of positivity in my thinking :)

    You outright dismiss my assertion that "content plays a major role" in one's marketing plan? That "a steady flow of new content ...can help you generate more traffic."

    I scoured the text for my use of the word "guarantee" and couldn't find it anywhere! Aside from wondering why you've become so cynical, I'm really more curious about what you suggest people do instead of market with content. Images and video instead of content? What are your suggestions of tactics that "play a major role in one's marketing plan and can help generate more traffic?"

    An associate of mine likes to share this infographic with people. Thoughts?

    Again, thanks for your comment!


  • thekencook's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 3 years ago thekencook

    As a content author nothing would please me more than for this hypothesis to be bullet-proof. In reality, however, it is only a hypothesis which can be disproven. If steady content were the key everyone who posts actively would win. I do love the possible outcome of the hypothesis, and, if I could sell it, it could make me wealthy beyond dreams. That said, keep writing...and keep hiring writers.

    No offense Brad. I have read a few of your posts over the months, or years, and they are always thought provoking. You write well and have a good heart. And, I wish you were 100% dead on with this one. Steady content isn't bad...but, it also is not essential. Neither is it a guarantee for ending in increased traffic, much less conversions.

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