Why You Should Include Social Media Sharing Buttons on Your Email Campaigns

Tom Martin Founder, Converse Digital

Posted on June 28th 2011

Why You Should Include Social Media Sharing Buttons on Your Email Campaigns

Screenshot: Courtesy Tom MartinThis week I tested a new way to create more awareness and drive more traffic to my Talking With Tom, Interviewing 52 Digital Thought Leaders project. Since I have an email sign up form, I have a list of folks that get each week's update via email. 

You can see in the upper right hand corner that I always include Social Media Sharing icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and eMail. It's quite easy, as the Emma eMail Marketing system I use automatically places them for me.

But today I went one step farther and actually shared this week's interview with Jason Keath via the LinkedIn sharing button on the social sharing widget.

This opened up an interesting dialogue box, one that I didn't expect to see but was thrilled to find.


The widget was pulling in all my LinkedIn groups and letting me share to those groups right from the widget. This is huge because it makes it very easy for you to start a viral effort on LinkedIn but more importantly, it makes it easy for everyone on your email list to do the same when they receive their emails.

Screenshot: Courtesy Tom Martin

Additionally, it will also allow your email recepient to share the email content directly with a single or group of LinkedIn contacts. Already this morning I've seen at least one member of one of my LinkedIn groups both share the content forward as well as comment on Jason's interview.

So if you're not including these social media sharing buttons in your emails, maybe consider changing that because by adding them you're making it just that much easier for your fans to help you spread your content.


Tom Martin

Founder, Converse Digital

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