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You Don't Have to be PERFECT, you just have to start!

Hesitation can be a concern.  The benefits of posting blogs, videos, podcasts, and more are huge.  It is like a large train, and if you don't step on, you are missing the benefits.

Some people that I speak to, or chat with, really want things to be perfect before they jump in.  I agree that you have to make sure that you language can be understood, and that you are a fairly good speller.  You need to understand your topics, and be clear in your delivery.

However, you can't really learn how to do a better job until you JUMP IN!  I had been doing radio interviews on a local station for almost 4 years.  I took time off to retool my show, and wait for the best internet platform to start again.  My first few shows were not perfect, but I learned and got better and better with every show.

When I look at my older video blogs, they were not perfect, either.  Part of me wanted to wait until I was better, but you don't get better until you do it and practice and adjust.  I toyed with different backdrops for when I used my webcam, and found that it was really better NOT to be creative with that.

It took me a while to find my voice as a blogger.  I was stiff and factual at first, and eventually relaxed and found a way to express my opinions and stay true to my professional and personal viewpoints.

It is wonderful on the internet, because we have so many opportunities to be here. be out in front, learn, change and grow.  I am on my 25th version of a website for the same business that has been learning, growing, and changing as well.  The last 2 years, that website has morphed into a Wordpress Blog with static pages hosted on my own account.  I am on my 3rd theme, and now it is a customized theme.  Far different from the static brochure type website that I started with more than 10 years ago that cost a fortune to design, maintain, and (God Forbid) update!

You will find your voice as you blog, do videos, podcasts or voice blogs, and more. 

Until you do, just don't do anything bizarre or pornographic, or too far out, because as you learn and grow and get older - they will still be out there somewhere!

You will get better, and better, and find your tribe online.  You will attract people with similar views, similar interests, clients and customers for what you have to promote.  You can learn from untold hundreds of wonderful teachers online through blogs, videos, and more.  Everyone gets better quickly.

Don't wait until you are perfect.  You will miss out on a lot of good stuff, and fun.

Dr. Sally Witt

Social Networking Coach








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  • Sep 14 Posted 8 years ago TerresaRoden

    Great post, Sally!

    All too often I find myself waiting until I have things perfect before putting them out in front of others.  One of these days, I really should get to the heart of that fear. 

    I will take the advice you give here and just 'go for it' instead of waiting till everything is 'perfect'  Thanks again for being an inspiration.



  • Sep 8 Posted 8 years ago MPalko


    I agree with your take on jumping into the social media pool.  If we wait until everything is perfect, we're essentially saying "don't go near the water 'til you learn how to swim."

    This is an exciting time.

    Last one in is a rotten egg!!

  • Sep 6 Posted 8 years ago LourdesAlvis

    All the inspirational banter aside, are a doctor, Sally, or a real estate agent? or a real estate agent with a PhD?


  • Sep 4 Posted 8 years ago KathieThomas Practice makes perfect!  Even in trying to register here - I finally made it!
  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago fabilella This is funny. A bunch of anglo women who require fear as a motivator to get up and get a life in most unthreatening place, online. If these girls showed up in Hialeah and met some of my Latino friends at a canasta party I'm sure they would having a much different conversation.  
  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago PamArcher


    I don't believe the previous comment!  I wouldn't want to social network with such a narrowminded individual anyway.  Some men can't stand the thought that women might have some ideas they haven't entertained.

    I have learned so much from you.  I am going to do some video blogs and a radio show this Fall.  I've got to get my book done first.  I'm sure I'll be turning to you for advice.

    Pam Archer

    Pamela's Event Design

    Archer Fitness Consultants, Inc.

  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago BryceHeberSmithJr Well I don't see anything relevent to social networking for men here so you can have your hen party and I'll go somewhere else to get my inspsiration.
  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago MyCountryKitchen


    You are such an inspiration to all who know you.  I agree, you must jump in and get your feet wet.  We all make mistakes, but the best lessons are learned from making mistakes.



    My Country Kitchen

  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago JudithStephens You're right, Sally.

    We don't get better unless and until we do it. Massive action is a mighty teacher.  :)


    Judith Stephens
    The Money Lady

  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago DonnaCutting

    Good point, Sally. There are times to think before you leap and there are other times to JUMP!

    Sometimes we can get caught up in the "thinking" stage and never take action. I appreciate ACTION heroes like yourself.

  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago AthenaNavarro

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you for such great insight! I so appreciate that extra push you inspire in so many of your blogs. It's nice to be reminded that you were a rookie too one day!

    All the best,


  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago EileenWilliams Sally,

    Sometimes we let the best opportunities slide by because of fear and a need to make certain everything is perfect. I so agree, dive in and then you'll slowly but surely make it to the top!

    Great information--

    Eileen Williams
  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago HeidiRichardsMooney


    This topic is spot-on!  As a Toastmaster one of the governing principles I learned early on is the only way to get better is to speak in public. Imagine if everyone who ever had an opportunity to do so, waited until they were perfect? We would never have seen the likes of people like Larry King or Les Brown or Hillary Clinton to name a few. Many wonderful speakers today started out just as anxious and cautious as you and I and yet, they took the plung.

    Because social networking is in its infancy, there will NEVER be a better time to jump in than now!  So thanks so much for giving us permission to "test the waters" and plung into this wonderous and absorbing world of technology without fear of "how we might look." You are truly a role model to us all and I am delighted to constantly learn from you.

    Warmest regards,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher

    WE Magazine for Women ~ www.WEMagazineforWomen.com

  • Sep 3 Posted 8 years ago MayaWalker


    I find you admirable in your push to move forward and immerse yourself in the latest trends and technologies.  To me that is indicative of a woman with a high level of curiosity, courage and confidence.  Knowing you, following your trail  and watching your evolution is a joy and inspiration.  Thank you for sharing your passion and power with us.

    In deep friendship,

    Maya Walker



  • Sep 2 Posted 8 years ago TeriDempski Sally,

    Procrastination is an easy crutch, and fear is what it's really all about. I totally agree with you about perfection! I have that bug and it tries to hold me back when I know what I can really do. I started blogging recently, like you said, my posts aren't perfect, but they reflect my thoughts in the moment of time they are written. Thanks for such a timely post.


  • Sep 2 Posted 8 years ago Anonymous (not verified)
       I  agree!
     I don't know how many things slid right by me because I wanted to wait until I was good at something. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder.
    You Rock!
    Kathy Pop, TX
  • Sep 2 Posted 8 years ago BeverlyMahone Sally,

    You raise some good points. I agree you must find your own "voice."

    I don't think anyone should wait to be perfect but I do believe there are people who have either abused social networking or have no business using the radio forum.  It's one thing to have something to say but it's another thing to come across as professional and intelligent with a message.  Some people never improve.  That's what's disturbing about podcasting and internet radio.  Maybe that's just me because of my background.
  • Sep 2 Posted 8 years ago ClaudiaMeydrech I can honestly say that I don't know anyone who is as skilled, organized and knowledgeable about Social Networking as you, you have been an inspiration to me!

    Claudia L. Meydrech, CN


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