Your Customers Are Mobile, But Are You?

Scott Tobin President, Sector45

Posted on June 25th 2014

Your Customers Are Mobile, But Are You?

your customers are mobileBy now most of you have probably heard the buzz about Responsive web design. If not, it’s basically a method of coding a website so that it automatically scales to display in the right dimensions on a full size browser, tablet, or smartphone. The site actually reconfigures itself to the appropriate screen size. Pretty cool, eh?

Two or three years ago, Responsive was a nice to have feature and it was generally offered as an extra add on when you built a site. In today’s market, Responsive is a must and here is why:

1)      As of the first part of 2014, 60% of Internet Access is Mobile. For our own clients, we’ve seen a steady rise in mobile viewership over the past two years, and it’s approaching 50% for a few clients.

2)      Email opens in mobile devices surpassed computer opens in 2013 – this means if you are emailing potential customers links to view on your website, there is a greater chance they are doing this from their mobile device.

3)      70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within 1 hour. Wow!

4)      60% of social is now spent on smartphones or tablets – If your social posts are leading to actions on your site, these visitors are expecting a seamless viewing experience.

The bottom line is that more people are looking at your business from their phones and tablets than ever before, and mobile viewership continues to grow. If you want to be competitive in your market, then you need a site that can display well no matter what device it is being viewed in.

Responsive helps you market to your customers in the following ways:

1)      Content Marketing – When people are browsing from their device and see a post from your blog or link to your website and click on it, the Responsive site will “right-size” for their screen.

2)      Email Marketing – When you email your subscribers using a Responsive email template, they will be able to read it regardless of the device they are on. If they click on a link from that email to your Responsive site, they will have no issues loading and browsing your website.

3)      Search Marketing – When people are browsing the search engines from their phones and click your site in the results, it will load properly in their device.

4)      Social Media Marketing – If people are on your Facebook page and click a link to your site from their mobile device, they will see the site properly.

If your site is a few years old, it might be time to think about a redesign that includes Responsive coding. Even if you recently launched a site and it’s not Responsive, in most cases the design can be updated affordably with Responsive coding to make it more mobile friendly.


Scott Tobin

President, Sector45

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Posted on June 25th 2014 at 6:40AM

It's widely accepted that you can (at best) double your sales by producing a responsive website... for clients it's a no brainer!