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Your Survey Results About Social Media Today

A few weeks ago we asked you, our readers, to take part in a survey about Social Media Today. We were both humbled and delighted by the thousands of responses we received and today we want to share back with you some of those details we thought you’d find most interesting. 

ImageFirst, we confirmed that more than anything else, our audience comprises:

  • managers
  • directors
  • owners

(most of which work in companies under 25 employees). Your job function usually involves:

And your main industry is advertising and marketing.

Four out of five of our readers influence or approve purchasing decisions for social media products and mostly want products related to social media management, social media tracking tools, and content marketing, but you also want tools that help with translation and localization, social care and customer service, influencer identification, database management, data analysis, and social CRM. And 60% of you successfully fought to increase your budgets for this year, too. 

That’s not the whole story, though. In addition to managers and directors, SMT attracts the attention of everyone from interns up to founders (and at least one “Super CEO”). We also have our fair share of bartenders, pastors, professors, and truck drivers, as well as an “SMM Aspirant” (who says she or he is “getting there”). Much of our audience is in the more traditional social media industries, but we also have representatives from health clubs and funeral homes, casinos and waste management, and nanotechnology and horse outfitters. Individuals come to Social Media Today to learn how to better service their communities in county government fire and rescue departments, local police, and the United Nations.

But where we learned the most was in what you would improve about SMT. An overwhelming amount of you didn’t want anything changed, which is certainly flattering but we always think we could do better. So based on suggestions from our audience, we’re going to try to bring you more in-depth discussion on emerging platforms, real use cases, and trend analysis. You said you love our webinars so keep expecting to see more, but we’ll also look into how we could do demonstrative ones in addition to roundtables, and how to better make them available after they’ve aired. And lastly, look for more content not just to read, but to see, with better images, infographics, videos, and more. 

We’re thrilled that we can attract such a diverse range of people while still providing utility. And we also have something special coming up to share with you on how we’re making Social Media Today even more useful. But again, we want to thank you for being the reason to keep building this site every day, and for sharing your time and thoughts on how to make SMT ever more valuable for you. 

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  • ubersocialmedia's picture
    Apr 3 Posted 4 years ago ubersocialmedia

    Great to hear the findings of the research - can I assume a shiny infographic will follow? :D

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