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Becoming a Contributor

Are you interested in becoming a contributor to Social Media Today? Posting your content on our site helps you gain increased visibility, increased promotion, and a larger audience than you might be able to reach on your own. We help our bloggers by providing a community that appreciates great content and access to larger promotional channels, such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Facebook.

All the content on the site is contributed by other social media, communications, and social business professionals. All of it is edited and reviewed by our curation team before publication.

Becoming a Contributor:

In order to publish posts on Social Media Today, you must first become an approved contributor. The process is simple and just requires a little action on your part.

Step 1: Sign up or Login to our site

You’ll need to have an active account on Social Media Today. If you have an account on SMT already, login here. If not, please sign up here. Once your registration is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email. IMPORTANT: To complete registration, you must click on the link in the confirmation email. This will enable you to fill out your profile (next step).

Step 2: Fill out your profile

We like our posts to have a name and a face behind them, so please fill out your profile:

  1. Login, from your profile page click “Edit”.

  2. In order to be published, you need to have a first name, last name, and a picture of yourself set in your Profile.

  3. Once you've entered all your information, click the Save button to make the changes live.

Step 3: Blogger approval

Next, please email with the link to your SMT profile AND at least three (3) links to writing samples.

Please provide writing samples that are:

  • Authored by you -- There needs to be a clear indication you are the writer on each sample.

  • Related to social media marketing -- All posts must be related to this site's subject matter.

  • Written well -- All posts must show proper editing for grammar and spelling.

  • Well-researched -- Statistics and figures must be cited from relevant sources.

  • Not promotional or commercial -- Articles must NOT include irrelevant links back to commercial websites.

We always suggest you look at some of the "featured" posts that appear high on our home page at, just to get a feel for what we're looking for.

Someone from the Social Media Today editorial team will respond to your email within 72 hours indicating whether or not you have been approved and what the next steps are.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor to Social Media Today.