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10 Tips for Amazing Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is forever changing, especially lately. With new types of advertising available to users as well as visual content taking center stage, it’s important to stay on top of current trends to make sure you’re using your Twitter account effectively. When you use Twitter the right way, you’re in a position to better serve your customers.

1. Update your Twitter profile. This is your chance to make a good first impression. Some users will determine whether or not they’ll follow you based solely on your Twitter profile.

2. Make sure that your Twitter profile includes a link to your blog or website. Some people will want to check out what you do before following you. If the link is too long, use a link shorten.

3. Put some thought into the headlines you Tweet. What may work on a blog won’t necessarily work well on Twitter. It’s okay to change the title of your blog post to make it work better for Twitter; it can stay the same on the blog itself.

4. Mix in some visual Tweets. Add GIFs and photos to some of your Tweets, especially if you need a visual to further explain something or to make more of an impact.

5. Don’t leave out hashtags, but don’t overwhelm your Tweets, either. Also, play around with where you put the hashtags, like before or after the link. For more help with making your customers happy, check out ACN INC.

6. Spread out your Tweets by scheduling them with Hootsuite or Buffer. On Hootsuite, you can choose the auto-schedule option which will schedule your posts for optimized times.

7. While you have to entertain your current followers, you should also focus on gathering new followers and expanding your network.

8. Target your specific audience. Look for niche users and get involved in-group chats.

9. Mention others in Tweets that you think your audience will be interested in. Just make sure this doesn’t seem too much like spam.

10. Make sure to engage with others just as much, if not more often, than you put Tweets out there. You can’t expect to build relationships with other users if you’re not actively talking with them instead of just at them.

Once, Twitter was mainly for fun and frivolous connections. Today, it’s one of the best tools a brand can wield.

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