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10 Tips on Writing an FAQ Section That Can Increases Sales for Your Business

10 Tips on Writing an FAQ Section That Can Increases Sales for Your Business | Social Media TodayAs per market research from Forrester, 70% of consumers prefer using the company’s website for getting answers to their queries as opposed to depending on customer support agents. This shows the growing importance of elements like FAQ section for an e-commerce website.   

Yet while online retailers generally focus on elements like informative product descriptions, HD images and easy navigation when designing their website, optimization of their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section is often neglected. This happens because they believe that customer support via phone is sufficient for handling customer queries - but in reality, not having an optimized FAQ section can significantly impact customer satisfaction levels, and thus, impact your bottom line.

Here are some important tips which can help in designing an optimal FAQ section for your website.

1. Don't List Fewer Than 5 Questions

Having a FAQ section with less than 5 questions can project the idea that you're not serious about helping your customers. It may also reflect that you've not done proper research related to general, common queries.

2. Keep Your Answers Succinct

Online customers tend to have lower attention spans (and patience), and as such, they prefer information to be delivered in a short, concise manner. Make sure you avoid long paragraphs which could confuse the reader. Also, use bullet points while writing longer answers in the FAQ section.

3. Put Customer Support Contact Info at the End of the Page

Customers are going to your FAQ section for answers - if they can't get them there, their next step is often to seek further, immediate help to resolve their concern. It's therefore important to ensure that further contact detail is easily accessible, so customers don’t have to search for helpline numbers in order to get the answers they need. You can help with this by putting information of customer care services at the end of this page.

4. Make Your FAQ Page Easy to Find

You don't want customers to think that searching for the FAQ section itself is a big challenge. Make sure to link direct to your FAQ section within the footer of your website. You can also include the link to your FAQ page in your drop-down menus and include links within descriptions or detail segments.  

5. Forget Promotions When it Comes to the FAQ Page

Various online retailers make the mistake of promoting their product categories or specific items within their ‘Help’ sections, which is entirely the wrong way to go about it. Make sure that all questions and answers in your FAQ section are dedicated only to resolving queries so that customers can do their shopping more conveniently.

6. Update Your FAQ Page Immediately if There are Changes in Policy

You never want a customer to leave your store due to out-dated information mentioned within your info pages. It's therefore important to make sure that your FAQ section is updated as soon as there is modification in any policy related to ‘Shipping,’ ‘Returns’ and/or ‘EMI’ of your company.

7. Integrate Images and Videos

Gone are the days when the FAQ page was filled only with questions and answers in text format. The modern, digital era customer is more drawn to visual elements, ans such additions can provide significant assistance when it comes to resolving queries. You can include screenshots, infographics or animated images to deliver more in-depth answers. Where possible, you can also create and upload videos which can solve basic queries of the customers.

8. Categorize Your Questions Under Specific Segments

Don't just leave your FAQ questions uncategorized, especially when there's a high number of options. If the questions are scattered on the page, customers could end up wasting a lot of time in searching to find answers, which can be frustrating and may turn them away. 

It's therefore important to make sure that different sets of questions are divided into different categories - some major categories could include:

  • Order Tracking
  • EMI queries
  • Warranty
  • Return and Exchange
  • Modes of payment
  • Order Cancellation
  • Refund policies
  • Shipping and Product Delivery

9. Add relevant links in between the answers

Include suitable links in the answers to make sure that customers are able to reach the desired response instantly. For example, if a customer's going through ‘Return and Exchange’ section, make sure to include the link of the page where customer can immediately initiate the process of returning the product. This is also beneficial from an SEO point of view.

10. Enable ‘Search’ Options for Your FAQ Section

There's always the possibility that, due to multiple questions and answers in your ‘Help’ section, customers will be unable to find the answer they're looking for. This issue can be alleviated by including a ‘Search’ option in your FAQ section where customers can type keywords of the query to reach their desired section immediately.


A properly designed FAQ section, utilizing the above mentioned techniques, will not only provide convenience to the customers, but it can also act as stepping stone for the success of your online shopping website. 

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