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21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason [Infographic]

Whether you’re planning to email a top influencer about a collaboration idea, or you're thinking of sending a pitch to an investor, there’s one important thing you have to keep in mind - these people have very limited time.

They're not going to spend the whole day reading and replying to all the emails they’ve received, they have more important things to do. So how do you make them read and reply to your email?

The simple answer? Keep it short, simple and professional. And don't, by any means, fill your message with jargon or overused cliches.

To help you with your email outreach efforts, and to save you from potential embarrassment (and dismissal of your message), here’s a quick guide by Aaron Orendorff (made with Visme) on the top 21 phrases you should never (ever) mention in an email.

21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason [Infographic] | Social Media TodayThis post was originally published on Irfan Ahmad's blog.

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  • MarketingXLerator's picture
    Jan 5 Posted 2 months ago MarketingXLerator

    Great blog, Irfan,

    Maybe also worth noting that humor and sarcasm don't generally work well in email. Even with emoticons.

    In addition, people need to make sure not to send an email that is a blurb (one big paragraph) and SHORT :-).

    I know your blog was not about that but visuals are so important. 

    Happy 2017,


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