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3 Tools to Help Create Better and More Engaging Tweets

Twitter is the fastest-paced social network. On average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted every second (if you want to visualize that, proceed here).

With such an unbelievable amount of information, it's getting harder and harder to get people engage with what you have to say on Twitter. People are becoming weary of so much clutter - they're much likelier to see and move on than to take an action to reply, retweet, like or comment on social media updates these days.

However getting noticed and making impact is still doable on Twitter. Here are 3 tools that make the process much easier.

1. DrumUp

The biggest secret behind getting your tweet noticed is to post it several times, ensuring it's exposed to different audiences and users throughout the day. The logic of this is that tweets have the shortest life spans of any social media update - different studies claim varying numbers, but none suggests that an average tweet is likely to get any attention after 30 minutes of its publication:

  • Wiselytics found that the average life of a tweet is 24 minutes.
  • Moz found that the number is around 18 minutes.

This means that your followers will only see the tweet if they're online and viewing their feeds exactly at the time of you posting, or within 30 minutes after. This is a very small segment of your following.

To give more people a chance to see the tweet, you need to post it a few times, and to streamline that process, you need a good Twitter management tool.

I use DrumUp for my Twitter management because its library feature is everything I've ever needed for organizing my articles for effective social media promotion.

DrumUp lets you:

  1. Organize the URLs you are promoting into different folders for easier reuse in the future
  2. Schedule your URL to go live on Twitter several times using one-click "Schedule" option
  3. Use an easy online editor to upload images, find animated GIFs and select emojis to make your tweets eye-catching

5 Tools to Help Create Better and More Engaging Tweets | Social Media Today

Remember it's a good idea to reword your tweet and use different visual elements to make your Twitter feed more diverse and appeal even to those followers who saw it first time you tweeted the same URL.

2. Serpstat

That being said, to attract more attention and diversify your feed, every tweet should be unique - even if it's about the same URL. How can you find more ways to express the same concept using different words?

I use Serpstat. Apart from being an absolutely excellent SEO platform, it's also a great writing tool, thanks to its two cool features, "Cluster Research" and "Questions"

Cluster research identifies related search terms using Google search engine result pages (SERPs). If two SERPs have a lot of overlapping results, the search queries are likely to be related. This way, using Serpstat you can find alternative ways to word the same thing.

For example, here are related terms for the keyword [weight loss] I typed in:

5 Tools to Help Create Better and More Engaging Tweets | Social Media Today

"Search Questions" feature is another great way to help in wording engaging tweets. Asking a question is a great way to engage your audience, both on Twitter and Facebook, and Serpstat enables you to discover popular niche questions by analyzing Google Suggest results and finding questions among them.

5 Tools to Help Create Better and More Engaging Tweets | Social Media Today

Use the tool every time you are writing an article or composing a tweet.

3. Coschedule Social Message Optimizer

Finally, the newest tool in my arsenal, Coschedule Social Media Optimizer is packed with a ton of tips and resources to let you create better social media updates. You don't need to use it for each of your tweets but make it a rule to run at least weekly to discover new opportunities for your tweet content.

It's also an excellent tool to help train your employees on how to publish more engaging tweets on your company's behalf.

5 Tools to Help Create Better and More Engaging Tweets | Social Media Today

From number of characters to the sentiment analysis, this tool will suggest improvements and save the history of your tweets as you're refining them.

Some tips from recent analysis:

  • Tweets that are 103 characters long tend to get the most engagement
  • Text posts perform well on Twitter. Share an image post to get even higher engagement
  • Your social message shows a neutral sentiment. Write a positive message to get more engagement

While it recommended nothing I didn't already know, the tool has turned out to be a great incentive to work more on my tweets.

Which tools are you using to make your tweets better? Please share in the comments.

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