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3 Ways to Localize Your Marketing Strategy Through Video

Local media is a mainstay of American life.

Sure, the internet knocked down geographical boundaries, democratizing information and globalizing conversations in the process, but local offerings still matter.

In fact, when it comes to effective marketing, local is more important than ever. People trust the brands their social circles trust, so you need to break into those networks to gain traction. And the best way to do that is through hyperlocalized video campaigns.

The Power of Hyperlocal Video

A third of all web activity constitutes watching videos, and 92% of people who watch mobile videos share them with their networks. Video is where you need to be to catch the eyes of potential customers. The medium also allows for collaboration between brands and their audiences, which is a key driver of engagement.

The local news group Jersey Shore Hurricane News leveraged video to grow its Facebook community to more than 220,000 fans and has inspired more than 30,000 Instagram posts under its #JSHN hashtag.

By combining feature videos of Jersey Shore towns with user-contributed content, the outlet has become a go-to source for local news and entertainment.

JSHN’s success proves that when people feel a sense of ownership over a brand’s content, they’re more likely to share it and become loyal to that organization.

Building a Local Strategy

Marketers across industries are tuning into the importance of local connections, which explains the 11% uptick in local marketing in the past five years. The same study found that half of the companies it surveyed predict that their local marketing ROIs will outpace their national campaigns. Given those numbers, companies can’t afford not to have local strategies.

Fortunately, social media has made it easier than ever to localize national offerings. Facebook’s ad platform enables location-based targeting, as well as tools for selecting which audiences will see which messages. The latter is particularly important if you market to several customer segments and craft unique content for each. Paid posts and localized metadata further ensure your ads and content are reaching the right audiences.

Of course, these posts and ads are most effective when they’re written to reflect the values and interests of specific areas. If you opt to use Instagram and Snapchat, local hashtags and Geofilters are also effective for joining local conversations.

But regardless of the platforms you choose to use in your local strategies, the following tips will help you engage your audience:

1. Form relevant partnerships

Seek out well-known influencers, and feature them in fun and informative videos on your Facebook Page or Instagram feed. Social takeovers can also help drum up brand enthusiasm by leveraging a local person’s popularity.

Look for collaborative opportunities with fellow retailers as well. Create Snapchat stories featuring behind-the-scenes moments ahead of an event you’re co-hosting, or conduct a Facebook Live stream of a joint promotion. The social buzz will help cement your organization as a local partner in the minds of the surrounding community.

2. Tap into local pride

People take pride in where they live, so let them know you appreciate the town’s virtues, too. Share videos of your team enjoying the local scenery, paying homage to the area’s history, or indulging in its staple culinary offerings. Funny, heartfelt videos will stir people’s emotions and inspire them to share the content.

If a big event is coming up, create a promotion linked to the occasion. Ask people to submit videos to enter a giveaway, then share those leading up to the event. Require participants to use a custom hashtag so the contest boosts your brand’s visibility. Such strategies capitalize on the event’s buzz and generate unique, user-created content you can use to further localize future campaigns.

3. Incentivize sharing

Tag public officials or local celebrities you think will be interested in your posts, and encourage them to share your videos with their followers. You can also hand out sample products in exchange for social shoutouts.

Reciprocal relationships are the healthiest relationships, so share other people’s content, too. They’ll appreciate the extra circulation, and they’ll be more likely to return the favor the next time you’re promoting a product or event.

The most important element of local video marketing is that it’s authentic. Find ways to amplify your brand’s voice and values, rather than pandering to different audience segments. People know when companies are genuine, and they’ll loudly (and publicly) criticize those that are out for themselves.

Create video content that’s engaging, relevant, and heartfelt, and you’ll see your local campaigns ramp up in no time.

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