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46 Expert Secrets For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last year was a big year for content. In 2015, the number of social media and mobile users grew by 541 Million. An overwhelming 2 Million blog posts were written per day. And 90% of organization marketed with content. Odds are that you, the reader, are someone who creates content or markets with content. How was 2015 for your content? And what are you going to do in 2016 to make it better?

Take a look at your content’s performance--your blog posts, social media posts, videos, and images. If you’re still having trouble driving traffic to your site and getting people to link back to your content, it’s time to adopt a new approach in 2016.

Someone might come across your site or blog one time and glance at your content, only to click onto the next page and never be seen again. You have a very small window to grab their attention and hold it--8 seconds or less, to be precise. Your content needs to have a certain quality to it that grabs readers’ attention, holds it, and brings them back to your site the next day, and again the next week. Basically, your content needs to be addictive.

In the case of content, addiction is a good thing--it means there’s something of value being offered to readers. Value can be offered in the form of actionable tips, outlines of strategies, in-depth case studies, helpful diagrams, humor, inspiration, motivation, an unusual opinion, surprising information, or a unique writing voice. Usually, the best and most addictive content will be a combination of those elements.

Addictive content is usually not short, and certainly not fluff-filled. Think of content that gets the most shares and backlinks. It’s usually at the very least 1200 words, with ample examples and links to other articles. Neil Patel’s articles, for example, usually clock in around 3000 words, with case studies, images and infographics to illustrate his points. The length and depth of analysis show readers that he take his writing seriously, having put in enough time and research to make it a worthwhile read.

With so many different ways you could go about creating valuable content, it can be difficult to know where to start. This infographic provides tips from 46 content marketing and SEO experts, including Neil Patel, for how to create valuable, addictive content. You’ll quickly notice some major trends in their tips--the importance of presenting new information, the need for entertainment along with information, the importance of repurposing your content to get it out to a wider audience, and the importance of answering specific questions catered to your audience.


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