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5 Things To Consider Before Making Digital Marketing Strategies in 2016

During the first quarter of every year, small businesses re-evaluate what they are doing and whether it works. They devise new goals for the year. They also come up with marketing plans. Businesses throw out the marketing strategies that haven’t been successful and try new marketing strategies. To help you figure out how to spend your marketing dollars in 2016, the top digital marketing leaders is explaining these hot trends for this year.

  1. Digital Marketing Expansion -- Because the cost is so low, companies are turning to digital marketing. The flexibility and measurability also are attracting small businesses to digital marketing. In 2016, expect companies to move advertising dollars to digital marketing from traditional television, radio, and printed publications. Savvy media are integrating their advertising efforts with their digital campaigns. Usually, print ad prices include a spot on their website and social media sites. They include a hashtag and mention in an e-mailed newsletter. However, the digital marketing leaders are telling companies to shy away from traditional media in favor of digital.

  2. Competition -- Already, companies are cutthroat in begging for your money. The competition is going to get stronger in 2016. Your competition will fly on the scene, scale quickly and grab your customers in weeks or months. Because of the competition, you have to go after website traffic, search rankings, advertising bids and mobile domination. You also will see more competition in Kickstarter campaigns, investments, sponsorships, screen space and attention spans. If you can hold the reader’s attention span long enough, you might be able to close the deal. You have to make sure the customer likes the experience enough to tell their friends and family.

  3. Reaction Ready -- Today, digital campaigns are fast and can be viewed by thousands. In 2016, the speed will increase even more. Videos, images, and blog posts can circle the globe in a positive way or implode spectacularly. You can help a customer resolve a problem where that person shares his or her experience around the world or you manufacture a controversial product that faces backlash on social media sites. You might even face online sabotage. With social media monitoring, you have to pay attention more than during office hours. Your customers, potential customers and industry leaders are viewing what is happening to your business globally. Potential problems could ramp up by the minute. You want to have in place a team to monitor social media and have a strategy on dealing with customer service, conflict resolution and consumer appreciation.

  4. Mobile -- You no longer have a choice. You have to master mobile technology. This year is expected to be all about mobile media. You know that more of your customers are coming from smartphones and tablets. In many countries, mobile traffic is overtaking desktop. Your buyers are doing it from their phones and tablets instead of going in store or visiting a website from a personal computer. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. You need a website that ranks for user experience. Create ads for the mobile user or lose traffic, customers and Google rankings.

  5. Good First Impressions -- You have heard the saying, “You Can’t Make a Second First Impression,” which means you need to make the first one a good one. Your website is the world’s first impression of your company. The same is true for your ads. You want a good first impression. A valid digital ad "impression" has been tested and critiqued in 2015. Expect impression to become more pronounced in 2016. You are going to see more rigorous guidelines, but the ads will be more effective. Your stats will be more accurate. For publishers, they will see less revenue, but better ones that are placed. You will get more value for your buck if you have to buy them.

Top digital marketers are watching these trends for 2016. You would improve your marketing plans if you also watched these trends and incorporate the trends into your 2016 strategy. While you want to focus on digital marketing, you should remember that you can’t spend all your money on digital enterprises. Companies need some traditional advertising just not as much as in the past.


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