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8 Crucial B2B Strategies You Should Implement in 2016

8 Crucial B2B Strategies You Should Implement in 2016 | Social Media TodayMany B2B companies have successfully executed digital marketing programs to lead themselves to measurable business improvements. Here are eight strategies commonly used by B2B brands:

1. Utilize Events

Leverage events, both your own and the ones you attend, for live networking and social media.

You can also:  

  • Share fascinating facts and pictures during the event.
  • Engage with other attendees before and after the event.
  • Ask for their emails and other contact information.
  • Show relevant display advertising.
  • Create contests that prompt engagement.

2. Offer case studies

Case studies that feature results you've delivered to your clients continue to be one of the most important ways to bring credibility to the table during the B2B vendor selection process.

​3. Integrate multiple channels

We’ve seen ROI for B2B campaigns go up drastically when we help clients integrate email, display, and mobile advertising. In one case, we helped a global telecommunications company reduce their lead generation costs by over 80%. 

4. Perform content outreach 

You’ll see your B2B content marketing efforts deliver significantly higher returns if you have a large following – and these days the best way to acquire that large following is by reaching out to users over social media.

5. Get Mobile Responsive

Most B2B decision makers are avid users of mobile devices and are likely to open up links on their phones during ‘downtime’ - while waiting at the airport, in a lobby, or riding in the back of a taxi. If your website isn't responsive, doesn’t load quickly enough, or scales badly on a mobile screen, they may leave and never come back.

6. Sequence Your Content with Email and Retargeting 

The Internet is a very powerful tool for serving targeted, relevant content to B2B buyers. Use email-marketing and retargeting to serve content that inspires prospects to move along the buying cycle.

7. Research your customers

The Internet is a goldmine of information waiting to be exploited by you – and your competitors. The best B2B marketing departments conduct research that makes it easier for their sales team to sell.

8. Expand your reach and volume 

If you have a scalable product or service, consider reaching out to new markets through the Internet. We've seen Canadian B2B clients sell abroad more successfully than in domestic markets.

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