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What Is the Ideal Length of Everything Online? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media marketers talk a lot about how to get more clicks, but sometimes we forget about real engagement. What’s the use of clicks if your audience doesn’t stay on the page for any longer than three seconds? There’s no topping great content as the surefire way to get people to hang out on your website, blog post or page for longer, but there might be some easy tricks to get people engaged -- and keep them engaged. One might be as simple as the length of the post. The folks at SumAll and Buffer put their heads together and asked, “What’s the ideal length of everything online?” That’s headlines to tweets to slideshares. See below for some helpful tips and tricks.

For example:

  • The majority (74 percent) of blog posts that are read all the way through are no more than 1600 words, and read in under 3 minutes.

  • Tweets fewer than 100 characters receive 17 percent more engagement.

  • On Facebook, posts with no more than 40 characters receive 86 percent more engagement than wordier ones.

  • 20 minutes is the max length of engagement for a podcast or lecture.

See more, below.


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