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Is Video the Future of Social Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some have called 2015 the year of video marketing. As experts have predicted, video is assuming a vital role in social, as a seamless part of email blasts, and as the main mode of young apps like Snapchat and Vine as well as livestreaming apps like Periscope. Plus, the big social sites like Twitter and Facebook are making it easier than ever to embed videos.

Videos are fun, of course, plus they share with customers the human side of brands. Through video we can hear the voices behind the brands speak, as well as witness the processes that go into the making of a product. (These great videos from Goose Island Beer Co. come to mind).

But is anyone actually watching? Thankfully the folks at HighQ have put together some data to show us how video is doing in 2015, the very year of its rumored ascendency. We hope this infographic can help you and your team decide if you want to use video to tap important markets, and why. As the data shows, people are indeed watching. And they're hungry for more video. 

Some illuminating stats:

  • Online video now counts for about 50 percent of mobile traffic.
  • By 2018, experts predict video will account for 79 percent of consumer Internet traffic.
  • 52 percent of marketers believe video is effective for increasing brand awareness.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases the click-through rate by 65 percent.

Video cameras are cheaper and easier to use than ever. Why not get started?


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